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Employment experts increasingly argue that young people no longer need to go to college to learn important job skills and embark on rewarding careers.  College can be too expensive for many kids to afford.  They also may lack the interest or talent to complete university programs successfully.

Rather than relegate them to low paying non-skilled jobs, company owners like you can direct young people toward alternative job options with hands-on training programs.  By offering programs that provide encouragement, realistic job outcomes, and a youth jobs path with Arc training, you may play a big role in customizing a workforce that will be ready and capable of taking over the thousands of skilled positions that are predicted to come available within the next decade.

Encouraging Different Career Options For Young People

Commitment to Each Individual

Young people who are not sure about their place in the job market do not want to feel like they are just a random number at a company.  They want to know that someone at some level will care enough to focus on them as an individual.

The program that you can offer to them may have that level of customization and personalized experience to help people coming into it realize that they matter to you and your business.  The program is committed to focusing on each person as a whole rather than as a number or part of a group.  It will take the time to recognize each person’s talent and interests so that he or she can be directed onto a path that will result in meaningful employment.

The path also will foster a level of trust and compassion in young people who may not be sure of what they want to do with their lives.  They will learn to trust your judgment and recommendations and give the path that you put them on the due attention it deserves.

Marketable Skills

The program also will foster marketable skills that participants can and will use in future employment.  They do not want to come to this program just for the camaraderie and enjoyment of it.  They want to leave the program with skills that they can use to get hired on at your business.

You can teach them the ins and outs of the job and also provide them with the lessons they need to keep safe while they work.  By the time they leave your program, they will feel confident in their ability to join the job market even if they do not go to college or a four-year university.

Learning More

When you are interested in offering this kind of youth job program at your business, you may wonder how to get started.  Your first step can be to use the registration link at the top of the page.

Once you are registered, you will receive the materials you need to participate in it. You can also use the toll free number at the top of the page if you have questions and concerns.

The skilled job market will be wide open to anyone who is interested and qualified to join it soon.  As baby boomers retire, these positions will need to be filled to keep up with the public demand for them.  You can recruit new talent and teach them what they want to know by offering a youth job path program.