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Mainly there are two types of hobs used in the kitchen, they are electric and gas. Induction based hobs are very dangerous as they work on inducing powerful and heavy electromagnetic field to bring in current and produce heat for the induction pan. The pan is made of ferrous metal to make it hot within less time. These hobs can be set to auto shut off, which is the best safety feature they have.

With the current changing trends in the life style and the cooking methods the electric hobs are becoming more popular than the gas hobs. As the apartment culture is becoming more popular, people are tending towards safety options such as choosing electric hobs in the kitchen for cooking. Even the responsibilities and regulations that are implicated with these gas hobs fitting are also no longer practical and it seems easy to go for electric hobs.

These electric hobs are the current trend in modern kitchens and they are easy to afford and comes in various latest designs in all material and colors. The surface of these stoves is cooler when compared to the gas stoves. Cooks food in less time, and easy temperature controls.

Electric Hob Usage Safety Tips

Advantages of electric hobs:

  • Heats up faster
  • Economical installation charges
  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to clean

Disadvantages of electric hobs:

  • Expensive
  • Costly and expensive special pans
  • Buzzing and noisy due to the magnetic field
  • Follow some safety measures
  • Can’t be used at the time of power outages
  • Radiation Hazards
  • Electrical failures
  • More power consumption

If you have further queries or need any more information about the usage or problems about the installation of electric hob in your kitchen then contact 24 hour hob installation Sydney. As there are many hazards that are prone to these electrical appliance in the house, so be careful with them while working on them.

Safety measures to be followed while using electrical Hobs:

  • Prevent kids from operating these hod or use the safety locks or alter the settings
  • Remove the cooked items from the hobs as soon as you finish cooking
  • Never leave any food items on the hob, clean them immediately to avoid fires
  • Never handle any installations by self call an expert electrician or hire an after hours hob installation Sydney
  • Never use tampered devices
  • Replace the faulty components
  • Avoid using damaged cables
  • Never connect the hob with the other multi device
  • Keep the hob surrounding clean
  • Stop using the damaged, cracked and chipped ceramic hobs for cooking, there may be a chance of electrocution
  • Never heat any empty pan
  • Do not place hot utensils near the electric cooker
  • Do not drop anything on the electric hob surface from heights
  • Never use the hob surfaces as resting places for other dishes
  • Use utensils that suit these hobs
  • Switch off the inlet of the hobs after each use
  • Periodically conduct inspection.