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For many adults, vending machine snacks are a staple of the regular office diet. They stop by the vending machine for a mid-day snack when the two o’clock slump hits. They check out the offerings in the vending machine when they forget to pack a lunch. If they have to stay late, they might hit the vending machine for a late snack or even call it dinner in an effort to get more work done and get home sooner. With so many people relying on the vending machine for their meals, you want to be sure that you have the best possible offerings in your office machine. Wondering how to take your vending machine to the next level and give the other employees in your office healthier, more practical options? Check out these snacks that could be missing from your vending machine.

Covering All Bases What Snacks Are Missing from Your Office's Vending Machine

Yogurt is a healthy vending machine staple that everyone in the office can appreciate. It’s full of calcium, has a hint of protein, and can even offer a selection of fruit. Not only that, it’s a perfect sweet treat for those mid-day cravings that won’t break anyone’s diet or send them off on a sugar high that will only crash later. Many companies like Pro Serve, a vending machine service in Inland Empire, offer options like yogurt as a healthy way to get a vending machine snack.

Trail mix and/or mixed nuts provide a great protein boost that will leave your employees better able to face their day with productivity and determination. Too little protein can leave people feeling sluggish, unable to complete their daily tasks the way they’d like. When you offer trail mix and mixed nuts in your vending machine, you’re providing a snack that will keep your employees fueled and ready for action. With most traditional vending machine setups, employees are forced to turn to peanut butter crackers or cheese crackers as a somewhat healthy option–and those snacks might not be as good for them as they think.

Hot tea and coffee are a great alternative to the traditional soda machine. Many people need that quick caffeine boost to get started on their day, and providing it in the vending machine means that they can come straight into work to get it. Tea is also a comforting, familiar beverage, especially in the middle of the winter months. When your office is cold, your employees can wrap their hands around a warm mug of tea and get back to work instead of sitting behind their desks and shivering.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are staples of a healthy diet–and they don’t have to be items that your employees bring in from home! Offering fresh fruits and fruit and vegetable packages in the vending machine is a great way to ensure that a forgotten lunch or a snack attack aren’t immediate diet-busters. Not only that, fruit and vegetables will help your employees stay full instead of sending them running back to the vending machine just hours later.

Protein bars, energy drinks, and sports drinks sound more like something you’d find at a health club than in the office vending machine, but they can be important additions to your existing stock. These quick options are packed full of things that will keep your employees functioning at optimal level. Have a late night and find yourself dragging when you come into the office? No problem! There’s an energy drink just a short distance away. Need a pick-me-up after a rough workout at lunch? There are protein bars and sports drinks there at the push of a button.

Many people think vending machines begin and end with junk food, but by offering healthy options, you can help improve your employees’ motivation, energy, and overall health. Take a look at the contents of your vending machine. Is it all junk food? If so, it might be time to consider a change.