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Gone are the days when workplaces managed key functions of human resource management using disorganized and disconnected systems. Human Resource Management System software (HRMS software), which has in its fold state-of-the-art features, is commonplace in the best HR companies now. Modern HRMS software are user friendly, profitable and empowering. They make Human Resource Management much easier by automating laborious processes and providing strategic management data at the push of a button. Here are some of the common features that are available in any HRMS software:

Commonly Used Features Of An HRMS Software

Automated Payroll System

This is the most common feature in any HRMS software. An automated payroll system at your helm makes a Human Resource personnel’s job easier. It processes payroll automatically every month once you enter your employee information and salary details in the click of a button. An HR payroll software manages statutory compliances, including Provident Fund, Employee Service Insurance, Professional Tax, Income Tax calculations and deductions. A HR payroll software handles all requirements, including salary advances, loans and automatic EMI deductions. It provides you with ready-to-print payslips, reports and statements.

Leave Management System

The leave management system is a complete solution that systematizes and streamlines the entire leave management workflow. Hence, considerably reducing both involvement and dependency on HR. The system in its totality enables an HR person to handle his/her employee pool efficiently by eliminating the need for manual updating leave and attendance records. A leave management system credits leaves annually, monthly or quarterly based on the employee’s years in service and defines rules for granting leaves based on clubbing, covering, etc. It enables employees to view their leave details and apply for leave online. It also facilitates managers to view the leave details of their team members online.

Attendance Management System

An attendance management module provides you with attendance planning and allows you to review and have control of time management of your organization. The employee will know his/her daily attendance status through an employee portal. Through an attendance management system, the employee will be able to regularize his attendance by getting an e-mail or SMS alert of the same. The attendance software will also enable the employee to mark their attendance online through a browser without requiring any hardware-based, time-tracking devices.

Employee Portal  

Many companies recognize employee portal as an invariable feature of their HR payroll software. It enables the employees to have access over their salary information whenever they need. They can access their payslip, reimbursement slips, YTD register, loans information, income tax calculation statement and reimbursement statement from anywhere, anytime. Apart from this, employees can submit their income tax declarations online.

Statutory Compliance

An HRMS software takes care of your statutory needs without any hassles. It covers areas such as Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI), Income Tax (TDS), Professional Tax (PT), Labour Welfare Fund, Shops & Establishments Act and Factories Act. The HR payroll softwarehas tools, which would automate statutory computation and reporting work and will also keep the HR person updated with statutory news about the changes that occur ever so frequently.

But it is imperative to understand that the above-mentioned features are only the tip of the iceberg when considering an HRMS software from India’s best HR companies.