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When women discuss about going to gym, all they consider is a nice pair of shoes and some comfortable outfits for workout sessions. Well, there are plenty of things which one should not wear at gym. However, this is one topic that no one actually discusses. Let’s look at the few things, which women should never actually wear at the gym.

Things you must not Wear at Gym:

Thong underwear: Well, seriously!! How can one even feel comfortable in those? However, that is not a point here. The reason why one shouldn’t wear thong underwear is they are not healthy for a workout. When you are moving around and twisting your body, rectal bacteria can travel to your vagina and this can lead to some serious vaginal and urinary tract infection. So, pick some cotton underwear, which can absorb the excess sweat whilst keeping your vaginal areas dry and clean.

Oversized or undersized t-shirts: No matter what any salesman tells you, always try picking outfits, which are comfortable. Oversized or undersized clothing can be a little frustrating when you are twisting your body and doing a high impact cardio. Simply pick something which fits you well and that is all. If you are new then visit the online Fabletics workout clothing company. You get a plethora of sport wear options and you can also read customer reviews, which will help you make a wiser choice.

Long sleeve t-shirts: You are going to be all sweaty when you exercise, do you seriously want to wear a full-sleeve t-shirt then. Also, the excess material can be like unnecessary bulk, which can hinder you from completing your exercises session, efficiently.

Uncomfortable tank tops: Tank tops are definitely ideal for workout sessions. They are comfortable, give your body a nice shape and look as well as provide air when you are all sweaty. However, before wearing one at gym, make sure you try it on and do some stretching at home. Some tank tops might look good on you when you are standing, but as soon as you bend or move around, it can grab public attention.

Baggy Sweatpants: Long baggy pants are not at all comfortable, while you exercise. They can get stuck in the treadmill or cycling machine and this can really create a bad scene. On the other hand, long baggy pants are no more in trend, especially to wear at a gym. Well, if you are looking for some suitable bottoms, you can always pick some leggings, yoga pants or simple stretchable pants.

Tight ass and boob clothing: Honestly, you are there for a nice workout not for showing your physical beauty. Also, people around you are engaged in workout and hardly want any distractions. Try to pick as decent clothing as possible. Besides, wearing tight fitting outfits during workout sessions is seriously unhealthy. Your body needs to breathe and feel relaxed throughout the exercise session.

You pretty much know now what you must pick and what not. Don’t think much, simply go for outfits, which are comfortable and of course a little trendy too. Try picking some bright shades, because they will keep your mood elevated all the time.



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