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The business world has an enormous debt of gratitude to computer technology and software. Without it, many wouldn’t exist, and it has become a core element of every business operation imaginable.

However, many companies aren’t making the most of how they use it. Particularly smaller firms and startups  So, if you suspect that you can make technology work harder for you, then read on. We’re going to reveal the ways it can improve some of the fundamental areas of any business, regardless of industry.

Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is vital to any business. But how do you measure it? In times gone by, the only way to do so was by hiring a call center, using a mystery shopper, or asking clients to fill out surveys.

While each of these has its merits, new technology has given us plenty of new ways of approaching customer satisfaction. A website, for example, can be used as a front-facing portal to make sales and gather leads. But it’s also somewhere that you can analyse what your customer is looking for.

Set up a Google Analytics account and see where you are gaining and losing your audience. You can use what you find to strengthen your offer, respond to enquiries, and pre-empt many of the questions you know your customer will ask.

Inventory Control

If you sell products, then you have to take a close look at your inventory levels. You need enough to satisfy all of your orders, but if you keep too much, it can start affecting your bottom line. In days gone by, the only way to control your stock was to keep a book and write everything in and out as it moved.

Today, however, things are much easier to keep tabs on. Many of those processes can be improved automatically with technology. Take the KHAOS Control software as an example. Not only does it help you keep track of your stock levels, but it also helps you refine your processes.

You can also set up automatic ordering, and perform basic accounts. It’s this kind of technology that is helping businesses free up time and automate many processes that are a drain on time and resources.

Business Flexibility

The modern day small business has to be flexible in its approach. It’s the only way that they can make an impression in their market and stand a chance to the big companies in their industry. Outsourcing critical tasks and giving your employees a more flexible working pattern are two key ways to get things done. And, to get the right talent working for you.

But how do you keep track of their work? Well, technology and the Internet has improved things dramatically over recent years. Project management software and services like Skype mean it’s much easier to let you employees work remotely. And you aren’t limited to hiring workers in your area – you can choose the best from around the world.

These are just three examples of how technology can help your business. There are plenty more, of course – so why not let us know how computers and software have helped your company?