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For the small business owner, IT efficiency means higher speeds, lower costs and better dependability. Yet in order for a business to pursue efficiency on all levels, the scope has to extend beyond internal, in-house operations. Customers’ interaction with your business must also be quick and streamlined, so that any efficiencies your business gains will be passed along to consumers, resulting in higher-quality service for everyone involved.

On both these internal and external levels, cloud computing can enable your business to function in a more efficient way. Specifically, the innovation of cloud block storage can be a practical solution to adopt, so it’s worth exploring this option to see how it can benefit your business.

Cloud Block Storage 101

Although a complicated system, cloud block storage is essentially a block-level storage solution that makes it easier to increase and organize your data storage. One of the most notable benefits is that it enables you to increase your storage space without actually increasing the size or capacity of your server, or even purchasing a new one.

Cloud block storage offers great flexibility, since you can mount and format your cloud drive to your server and use it like a regular hard drive. It’s also possible to detach your block storage volume and attach it to another server as needed. You can even delete your server and the cloud will guarantee that your data stays intact and accessible the next time you need it. To top it all off, cloud block storage offers cost savings and efficiency, since you’ll pay for only the storage you actually use.

Indirect Advantages

Certain obvious advantages come from cloud block storage, such as the cost savings already mentioned, yet not enough businesses focus on the following indirect advantages:

  • Brand Promotion: We often think of marketing campaigns as distinct from business as usual, but they’re actually more connected than you think. Fast and efficient website applications will paint a positive image of your brand, encouraging both new and current customers to build upon the business relationship and increase word-of-mouth sharing.
  • Peace of Mind: The stress relief of having a cloud storage system you can depend on is often underrated. It’s certainly an advantage to offer reliability to your customers, since you know their information will always be safe and accessible in the cloud.
  • Cutting-edge Advances: Staying on the cutting edge of modern technology ensures you can offer the best service to your customers, and adopting such new developments can very likely put you ahead of your less advanced competitors.

A recent study by Brother International revealed that just 42 percent of small business owners claim they aren’t even using the cloud for their business functions. Hence, an organization that utilizes a cloud-based strategy has an advantage over those that don’t and, even in a small business setting, cloud-based technology can be invaluable for minimizing costs and labor, leading to greater efficiencies. New advances in cloud computing might initially seem complex and intimidating, but they’re well worth the effort to save you extra time and money, allowing to focus on increasing your organization’s profitability.