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New parents are often overwhelmed at the selection of toys available. In addition to traditional options, there are also electronic toys that claim to make children smarter. However, what children really love is the toys that simply let their imagination work while providing them with a little challenge. They want to play at their pace and bring their creativity to life in their own way, and that makes these types of toys the most appealing.

• Puzzling through the Challenge

Janod toys in Australia offers puzzles that are appropriate for very young children. As kids see the picture come to life, they delight in the knowledge that they’ve accomplished something. Moving the pieces together works fine motor skills while teaching them how to fit different shapes together.

Building Better Brains With The Right Toys: Tips For Parents

• Building New Worlds

Building toys have been in demand for generations, and are still a popular choice. Kids love taking the image in their mind and bringing it to life in a three-dimensional form. When they proudly show you a creation, they’re not just displaying their ability to stack blocks together. They’re showing you a knight’s castle or the boat they’re taking through the outback. Most children’s wooden toys are an excellent choice or the little builder in your life.

• Building Better Thought Processes with Books

Children love sitting down, or relaxing, while books are read to them. Opt for interactive books with plenty of visuals and interactive features. Your child will come to love books, and you’ll also work on their reasoning and comprehension skills.

When you’re ready to buy interactive toys that intelligent children are drawn to, look for the traditional choices that kids have loved for decades. Available from The 3 Cheeky Monkeys, these attractive toys are appreciated by children and parents alike. Visit today to see which toys are right for your son or daughter.