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 As soon as you buy an iPhone, it is highly advisable that you purchase an appropriate iPhone insurance plan. This is definitely a smart approach as it helps to protect your latest and valuable gadget in the most safe and affordable manner.

With the increase in popularity and craze for iPhones across the globe, a huge number of companies offering insurance policies for such premium phones have emerged.  In the past there was no such policy available for security of iPhone. The only safety measure was the warranty period issued by the manufacturer of the phone. Thus, in order to meet the needs of iPhone users, a good deal of insurance specialists with varied kind of policy programs are readily available at the service of those who require it.

What does the Insurance Cover?

  It is to be noted that it is the reliable company where you can come across the best kind of insurance plans that too at affordable price rates. It is the ideal insurance specialist that ensures protection of your iPhone from all types of dangers that include

  • Theft- In case someone steals your phone, the insurance company replaces it with a new one of the same iPhone model within a specified time frame.
  • Water damage- In the event of water or any other liquid being spilled over your phone, the concerned insurance company will be responsible for payment of the repair cost.
  • Mechanical defect- This is indeed one of the most attractive benefits associated with buying insurance for your gadgets. The reason behind is that the insurance company will pay for all types of mechanical or any other internal faults caused to your phone irrespective of whether your device is within the warranty period or not .

Your iPhone is the storehouse of important messages, contact numbers as well as videos, audios and images. Hence, getting it insured at the earliest has become one of the crucial aspects for prim and proper care of your costly device.

What are the conditions to look after before signing the insurance policy?

  • The policy should be able to protect your phone from all kinds of damages. Opting for the insurance is a cost-effective method that helps the individual iPhone owner to get hold of a new one i8thin maximum 2 days. You always have the option to apply for the insurance using the online medium.
  • It also takes into consideration matters relating to theft or sudden loss of your precious phone. Besides contacting the concerned insurance provider, it is also advisable to call the police as soon as you notice that your phone has been stolen. It is assured that your phone will be replaced with a new one within 48 hours.
  • If you notice that your phone is not getting charged or there is some faults in the screen, you need to convey the matter to the insurance company that will pay for the repair cost.

For those of you looking for good iPhone insurance, Gadget Cover is the company that you can trust upon.