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The hotel and hospitality industry is very demanding and challenging. The workers here have to be friendly and alert all the time. Their prime motto is to make their guests feel at home. There are different kinds of guests that come to hotels. They have different personality traits. Hotel staff should cater to their needs with a friendly smile on their face. Sometimes guests can be difficult to manage at times but with the right training and attitude they can win over the trust and confidence of their guests with success!

An Inspiring Name In USA’s Hotel Industry!

The hotel industry boosts of some amazing managers and leaders who work hard to instill these positive qualities in their staff. One such manager in the USA is Patrick Imbardelli . He is a man with amazing hospitality skills and while he trains his subordinates on how to deal with guests and customers, he always ensures that they are inspired by his zeal and enthusiasm. This makes him a widely respected name in the hotel and hospitality industry today. Patrick was the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the Pan Pacific Hotel Group or PPHG. This luxury chain of hotels is well known across the world. It has its presence in 12 global locations. It is also one of the best hotels in the world today. Under Patrick’s guidance and supervision, the staff treats guests like family. They are courteous and they look into the needs of their guests with success. The staff claims that Patrick’s presence in the organization has been a major source of motivation and inspiration. This is why he is very popular and widely loved among his staff today. They consider him to be one of the best things that have happened to the PPGH chain of luxury hotels.

Patrick is well known for his patient mentoring skills. He has been in the hotel and hospitality industry for a few decades. He understands the demands and challenges that professionals who belong to this industry go through. When approached he is able to give you practical and feasible solutions with success. Everyone does have a bad day but he motivates his team on how to deal with them and move on without grudges.

Patrick has spent 30 valuable years in the hotel and hospitality industry. He is known for his amicable personality and problem resolving skills. Besides the above, he is known for his impeccable growth strategies and business planning skills. This has helped the PPGH Group to expand and develop across the globe at a rapid pace. He has been instrumental in its brand management as well. Today, Patrick Imbardelli is one of the best hoteliers in the USA today. He is known for his efficient business acumen and loves for his guests and staff. This is why he is respected by both peers and subordinates who have had the privilege to work with him. He is an influential figure in the hotel management industry today and widely respected for his deep knowledge and extremely friendly personality!



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