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“You will be lucky if someone hires you” is what most of the job seekers feel while looking out for a job. Job seekers do not have to feel that they need to beg down for a job and get it. The truth is that is important for the job seeker to value the competencies that they have so that the one hiring you values you more. If you have been in the job search process for quite some time now and waiting for the response is the only thing you get in return, then you should know what is that you are doing wrong with the job search process.

Simply applying to online job postings or submitting illegible resumes, and following some job search tips, there are number of things that you must be doing wrong and you obviously do not know about it. Being afraid about a job search is the first major wrong step that you take towards you approach to job search. Stop begging and use your influence to find the correct job for yourself. And anyways what is there to be afraid about? You definitely have the skills and talents required by the employer.

8 Things That You Are Doing Wrong In Your Job Search Process

Here is a list of 8 things you are probably doing wrong with your job search process:

#1 Using a Set of Traditional Job Search Tips

Career advice sections before made the job seeker look all desperate for a job. With a number of people applying for one opening, it is not even wrong to feel like that. But this kind of thoughts are majorly responsible for demotivating you and bringing down your self-confidence. It is better to stay away from job search tips like:

  • Using a traditional resume filled with buzzwords
  • Pitch your resume into a Black Hole recruiting portal
  • Showing your interviewer that you desperately need the job
  • Talking about what people think about you in your cover letter/resume

#2 Listing Negative References on Your Resume

You definitely do not need someone who goes all gala about you. On the other hand you also do not need someone putting you down. So find someone who talks positive about your working culture and that’s it. If your listed reference is not doing the same, change without giving it a second thought.

#3 Fitting in All Your Qualifications in Microscopic Font

Listing down your best is not wrong, but it should be in a readable format. Today, it does not necessarily has to fit in one page. You can easily copy the flow on to the second page.

#4 Bringing Negativity About your Past Employer

Talking about your past employer negatively even if you left at a sour note is not a good practice to follow during your present job search process. This can definitely turn the tables for you and not in a way you desire it to be.

#5 Talking Too Much

It is understandable that you need to look confident during an interview. But speaking a lot at the beginning may not support you. In fact it can reflect nervousness in your behaviour. Give a 30 sec summary about your accomplishments rather than taking it too long and follow with interviewers answers.

#6 Revealing That You’re Slogging

You may be having difficult times finding the right choice but you got to present that in a positive way to the one you are in the process at the moment. Learn a way to make it sound positive and that you have been sabbatical and that you have enjoyed meeting new people in the process.

#7 Talking Money

Negotiation is a two way street. For the job seeker it is advisable not to start talking numbers before. Let the recruiter begin and then you are free to keep your words. If you are not comfortable talking about salary then you will most probably land in a job paying less than you actually deserve. So remember that there is nothing wrong in talking numbers with your employers just avoid being the first one to start the negotiation.

#8 Sending Out Blind Resumes

Sending out resumes to every job that you find online or in an advertisement is just not the right thing to do. You should be modifying your resume for every job search and include a cover letter with it. Modify your resume according to the job description in the advertisement.

In the End

There will be employers who respect your time and backgrounds and other will not. It is necessary that the employer should love you and respect even before you become a part of its organization. If such is not the scenario you should probably consider moving on. Getting over these wrongs would definitely land you to a job that you deserve and will be happy to accept.

Author Bio :

Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She writes keeping in mind the current scenarios and wishes to keep her readers well informed. You can follow her on