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You have to remember that teachers and professors are just people. They have no sacred duty to do their job to the best of their ability. Many teachers are bored with their jobs and will brush over the most boring bits for the sake of it.

7 Things About Essay Writing Your Teachers Wouldn't Tell You

1 – Teachers and professors do not read every word of your paper

What most teachers and professors do is skim your work and only pay it due attention if they spot errors. If your work is kind of good, or sort-of okay, they will often give it a passable grade/mark.

2 – Sucking up to the professor’s aides will help your overall grade/mark

Many professors assign marking work to their aides, so it pays to suck up to them too. Get your work into them early, and if you have a chance to tell the professor or professor’s aides that their corrections “helped a lot,” then they are more inclined to give you a good mark after each amendment request is completed.

3 – They only look for typically incorrect sources

You can skim a bunch of your sources, throw them in your essay, and if they look correct, then you are often rewarded for your efforts. Professors tend to look for sources that seem correct via their title, but that are actually incorrect in content.

For example, if Nietzsche wrote a piece titled “Women are not shallow,” then a feminist student may add it as a source for her essay about the greatness of women without reading it. A professor would know the piece Nietzsche wrote cast women in a negative light. It would be considered a typical error done by students that hadn’t read the paper/book they have added to the essay. You can throw a bunch of sources into your essay that you haven’t read, just make sure you at least understand the meaning of the content (read a review on it at least).

4 – Sometimes a teacher will give the benefit of the doubt to smarter students

Lisa Simpson hands in a paper that says god is in her pencil because god is in everything and the teacher gives her the benefit of the doubt. Ralf Wiggum writes that god is in his pencil, and the teacher reads the essay in search of errors.

5 – Teachers have very few ways of telling if a student wrote the essay

If a failing student hands in a top scoring paper, then the teacher is suspicious. If it bares similarity to an online paper, then the teacher is suspicious. Otherwise, any custom written paper (i.e. not plagiarized/rewritten) is impossible to detect. That is why students repeatedly go to for assignment help and the student’s teachers/professors never know.

6 – Professors can tell which essays are rewrites

This comes mostly from experience. If there are essays online that match the topic the professor/teacher sets, then that professor/teacher is going to see the same points repeated in several essays that are turned in because they are rewrites. Also, rewritten content tends to have more filler content and less detail.

7 – They sometimes send work for amendments for almost no reason

Teachers and professors get bored of working too, and sometimes they will send back a student’s work for minor or unneeded amendments because they simply want the student to try again to raise the mark of the paper. They offer no genuinely helpful advice; they simply hope the student will re-do it for a better grade. Many times a student may switch around a few paragraphs and points, make the minor amendments requested, and then get a better mark for their essay despite the fact they changed little more than the layout to make it look rewritten.



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