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We all have been there. Been a beginner at something during some point in time. Whether it is the skill that you have mastered currently, cooking your first meal or riding a bike. Being a beginner infests a surge of excitement and energy when you try something new. At time same time, it comes with pitfalls and issues as well.

There are two simple ways of learning something new. Jump right into it and learn as you go or take the help of people who have already been through the path. The latter would ensure that you do not commit as many mistakes or run into pitfalls as you would have otherwise. The same applies when you want to buy two wheeler insurance as well.

In this article, we will help you with things you need to take care of while buying insurance for the first time.

  1. Choose the Type of Bike carefully: There are a few factors that play a crucial role in deciding the premium of your policy and the type of bike you ride is a major one. Are you looking at a sports bike with an engine displacement of 500-600 cc? That might be a great addition to your garage but can be a bad choice from an insurance point of view. If you are new to riding, it is recommended to start with something modest before you get confident enough to ride more powerful bikes. As soon as your bike gets the label of a superbike, be sure to shell out a hefty amount as an insurance premium. Rather look for a bike without such a tag.
  2. Lower your Premiums: If you are looking for new bike insurance, there are a few steps that you can follow to bring down the premium prices. For an example, you can join a riding association to slash your premiums by a small margin. Similarly, you can boost up the security of your bike by installing certain approved anti-theft devices, which would again reduce the premiums. Another way to keep the premiums at check would be to stay away from small claims.
  3. Choose the Other Factors properly: There are a few other factors that decide the premium of your policy but there is very little that you can do on a few of the aspects. For instance, your location plays a crucial role in deciding the premiums during bike insurance renewal. If you stay in an urban area, be ready to shell out more than a semi-urban or rural area.
  4. Additional Security Doesn’t Hurt: You can and should try to secure your bike as much as possible. The usage of a caliper lock is one of the ways to go about the same. In fact, there is a list of approved devices and you can choose to add them to your bike. It would not only enhance your bike’s security but also reduce the premium liability.
  5. Part of an Association: There are a few prestigious associations in the country. Associations such as Western India Automobile Association and Automobile Association of South India are two good examples. Being a part of these associations can help you in reducing your insurance premiums by a small margin.
  6. Drive Safely: It is essential as a beginner to take the right steps up front. Following traffic rules and riding your bike within its limits will ensure better long term results. When you become a safe rider, you are less prone to accidents and incidents. As a result, you will eventually end up paying less for your premiums.
  7. Opt for the appropriate Coverage: When you set out to buy two wheeler insurance, it is crucial to get adequate coverage. To do the same, being aware of the different policies is the very first step. In India, you can either buy a third-party liability policy or a comprehensive policy.

A third-party liability policy is the bare minimum regulatory requirement and offers coverage in the case of accidents involving other individuals or properties. However, you do not stand to benefit from it financially in any case.

A comprehensive plan, on the other hand, offers a lot more protection with a slight bump in the premiums. During your bike insurance renewal, opt for a comprehensive plan. It offers the mandatory third-party liability insurance and own damage component along with it. The policy has your back in the event of natural calamities as well as man-made ones such as theft, riots etc. Should you meet with an accident, you can claim for own damages as well.

You can opt for two wheeler insurance renewal online. The online process is both quick and lighter on your pockets as well. When you shift to two-wheeler insurance renewal online, insurers no longer have to pay intermediaries. And you get to benefit from the same. This keeps the policy premiums low while allowing you to secure a policy that is rich in features.