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When employees feel welcomed at work it is easier for them to ease into a new work environment and excel. Many times new employees are riddled with performance anxiety which gets in the way for the first couple months on a new job. Help them get rid of any work-related anxiety by implementing some of these ideas:

6 Ways To Help Your Employees Feel Welcomed At Work

Welcome Gift Basket

Some companies welcome their employees to the team with a welcome gift basket delivered to their home. Before the employee sets foot on the work premises they already feel the love of their new work team. This is an amazing feeling. The gift basket could include chocolates, fruit and kind words. It doesn’t need to be wildly expensive, but this gesture can help you all start on the right foot.


Once the new employee starts at the company, give them an orientation of how things work and what to expect. A thorough tour should be mandatory. There’s no reason why a new employee should have to ask for the location of the bathroom at any point. Make sure to introduce the new hire to the other employees and show them other rooms such as the break room and various office areas.

Regular Meals With Co-Workers

Encourage mentorship and camaraderie within the office. If the new hire is joining a specific team, department or wing in the office, encourage the older employees to go out to lunch or dinner to welcome the new hire. Eating meals together is a great way to break down walls and barriers. It also helps to eliminate the anxiety or nervous energy that many people in new environments commonly face.

Device Integration

Depending on the type of work environment, most people need access to their work laptops and devices at a moment’s notice. Providing the employees with the devices they need to get work done is very helpful. It is important to have stable and reliable technology so that they are able to get their work done. Additionally, there are different mobility programs, such as Landesk, that control the access and availability of work information in a discreet yet convenient level.

Regular Check-Ins

Check in regularly with employees. However, checking in with employees shouldn’t be confused with hovering. Give them space to breathe, but if they need help, they should know their employer is only a check-in away.


No one is perfect. Just because a new employee is worthy of getting hired doesn’t mean they’ll get it all right on the first day or even the first few months. Be patient and give them space to learn and grow in a comfortable environment.

Specifically with mobile integration programs and team-building efforts, an employer can communicate positive messages of acceptance to a new hire. As an employee, it’s nice to know that you’re thought of and considered when the boss is making plans. The first six months for any hire can either be disastrous or wonderful. With these efforts, chances are that the experience will be beautiful!