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Finding a decent place to stay while traveling doesn’t have to be difficult, yet it can often feel overwhelming and chaotic with an abundance of resources for lodging options. Whether you are planning the beginning of your much-needed summer getaway or searching for last minute accommodations during an unexpected business trip, finding the best motels that meet both your needs and budget is key. Fortunately, there are plenty of reliable sources available to help guide your search process in identifying top quality motels around the world. In this post we will discuss five dependable resources that make discovering the right motel straightforward and stress-free. So kick back and relax–you don’t have to break a sweat while researching any longer!

1. Online Hotel Directories – 

One of the most popular resources for finding motels is online hotel directories. These sites typically provide detailed information on each motel listed, including photos, amenities, price ranges and online reviews from customers who have stayed at the location. You can use these websites to compare hotels side by side and quickly see which ones offer the types of services you need or are looking for. Some of the top online hotel directories include Expedia,, TripAdvisor, and 


2. Travel Sites & Apps – 

Traveling apps are becoming increasingly important for travelers looking for motels. With the click of a button, users can find a bevy of options for their lodging needs, as well as ratings and reviews to help them make an informed decision. These apps provide unprecedented convenience in that they can search multiple locations at once, so users no longer have to spend hours scouring motel websites or checking travel guides. Additionally, many of these apps offer discounts and special rates when booking directly through them, making them even more attractive. Moreover, they allow travelers to map out their route in advance and get an idea of what is available in each area ahead of time. This makes planning trips much easier and smoother than it used to be. Furthermore, many of these apps also feature user-generated tips and recommendations on local attractions and restaurants near the motel that may not be listed anywhere else. This gives travelers an inside perspective on potential destinations to add to their itinerary before ever setting foot in the area. All in all, traveling apps are an incredibly useful tool for those looking for motels and should definitely be taken into consideration by any traveler.


3. Social Media – 

With the rise of social media, travelers are finding it easier to find motels that suit their needs. By utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, prospective guests can get a better idea of what to expect when booking a room. Not only can they view photos and read reviews from previous customers, but they can also interact with motel owners directly in order to ask questions or discuss pricing. Furthermore, these same outlets allow motel owners the opportunity to post special offers or discounts that can be very attractive to potential guests looking to save money. Social media also allows travelers to connect with other users who have recently stayed at the same motel and obtain first-hand recommendations from those experiences. This gives travelers more insight into what exactly a motel has to offer before making their reservation. Additionally, researching multiple motels is much easier since all of the information needed is easily found on various social media sites. With this ability comes convenience and peace of mind for travelers across the world looking for trustworthy accommodations that meet their budget and expectations.


4. Local Tourism Offices – 

Tourism offices can be an invaluable resource for travelers seeking motels. Not only do they provide information on what motels are available in the area, but they often have detailed knowledge of which ones may be best suited to a traveler’s specific needs. Tourism offices usually have each motel’s contact information as well as ratings and reviews from other visitors, so vacationers can make an informed decision about where to stay. Additionally, many tourism offices have established relationships with certain hotels or motels that allow them to negotiate discounted rates for their patrons. These special rates could save travelers anywhere from 10%-50% off the standard rate of a room. Furthermore, some tourism office staff members may even go above and beyond by making personal phone calls on behalf of the visitor in order to secure the perfect lodging accommodations and ensure that their vacation is a success. As such, it’s highly recommended that vacationers consult their local tourism office when searching for motels in order to take full advantage of all the resources they offer!


5. Hotel Chains & Franchises – 

For those who prefer brand name establishments, hotel chains like Holiday Inn Express or Motel 6 are good options when searching for quality accommodations without breaking your budget! When booking through one of these chains, be sure to check out their loyalty program in order to potentially earn rewards points while staying with them! 


No matter what type of traveler you are, it’s easy to find a great motel with these five resources! Whether you’re looking for luxury accommodations or just something affordable that meets your basic needs – there’s something out there that fits within your budget while providing all the amenities necessary to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable!


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