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Pizza is undoubtedly, a favourite food item for many, it is usually the most loved and preferred food amongst all. People are often found displaying their love for pizza more than any other food item. Most of the pizza lovers boast of the knowledge that they have about pizza, but very few generally are dedicated enough to know all the hidden facts associated with the same. This blog will describe about all the myths about Italian pizza that you must have never heard of. So, the following section of this blog is about all the myths about pizzas.

Some Common Myths

Mentioned below are some of the most unbelievable and shocking myths about pizza: –

  1. Pizza is an Italian dish

It is a very commonly held viewpoint that pizza is an Italian dish and was developed in Italy. The pizzas were primitively regarded as the pies which has core ingredients tomato sauce, cheese and toppings. According to the reports, such types of pies possessing cheese, sauce and toppings were conventionally started up in the ancient greek areas.

  1. Pizza is the cheapest choice of food

Here  is a news for all those, who believe that pizzas are the cheapest piece of food. New York City has sold a pizza for $100 and the sole ingredient of it was lobster and caviar. This might have blown you out, but it is the harsh reality. Likewise, there are a number of cities that serve the most expensive pizza dishes and the price is completely dependent on the choice of toppings, cheese used and the place from which the pizza has been ordered.

  1. People like pizzas with more cheese than toppings

It is a common belief that cheese is the most liked ingredient in a pizza, but this belief is absolutely absurd. In accordance with the food delivery system foodler, people prefer to order pizzas with more toppings as compared to cheese. In a number of pizzerias, the pizza that is delivered or served does not have any standard toppings, they are instead adjusted on the basis of choice.

  1. Pepperoni comes from Italy

Just like in the case of pizza, pepperoni is also believed to have an italian background which is an absolute myth. Pepperoni actually is an ingredient which has a slice of both America as well as the Italy. And to be precise, its origins are more from America than from Italy.

  1. Mozzarella is the best cheese for pizza

According to some people, mozzarella is the chief ingredient of a pizza. But, the reality is that the choice of cheese depends completely upon the pizza that is being baked and using mozzarella in every pizza might not be a good option.

Pizza is the most lip-smacking delicacy which is enjoyed with different crusts and toppings all over the world. With every popular thing comes a popular myth, which we tried to bust out in this blog. All the mentioned pointers in the blog are essentially true.