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Small spaces have become a trend these days. The concept is to conserve space, be economical and practical but would still be able to manage in bringing warmth and cozy surroundings. They have grown so much popularity in just a period of over a decade because of their improved style and functionality. Most houses measure 300 square feet or more and sometimes less and they are gaining some cult following especially to those who want to live a sustainable lifestyle.

One very crucial part of a living space though is the loo. It is where we usually do everything in terms of personal hygiene and some of our most important personal stuff are in it. Here are some small bathroom storage ideas that will bring style, comfort and a lot of space for your nitty gritty things.

Adding a simple shelf above the sink and just below the hanging mirror will give you access to small frequently used things like the toothpaste, toothbrushes, some toners and facial creams, cotton balls and of course shavers. This will serve not only as a storage but also an added decoration to spot between the sink and the mirror.


Another one to add in your bathroom storage ideas list is adding inverted shelves just right above your plopper. The trick here is that you choose some nicely crafted wall brackets and putting them in an inverted manner to serve as stoppers for loose things like folded towels, spare bog rolls and some nifty DIY toilet cleaners.

Spice racks are not just for kitchens or your cupboard! Apparently you can also use them in your bathroom to save some space without compromising style. Hang them over your counter’s sidewall just beside the mirror. Put some old mason jars or coffee mugs for added glamour and you can use it to organize your make-up brushes, some medicines or first aide kits, lotions and essential oils. These shelves will keep your stuff organized and off your counter where they get messy and damp when the sink is in use.

Putting some curtain rods or towel racks behind your door is also a good space saving tip on small loos. They serve a good place to hang and dry your used towels perfect for a next day use. This is a perfect fix as it doesn’t take too much space actually. The back of the door often ends up a s dead space anyway and it is a very good alternative if your wall space is very limited. You can also use hooks to hang other things such as bathrobes and scrubbers.

Lastly is hanging some wire racks on your wall in your shower area. Make sure that the wires are made out of durable plastic or metal wires covered with vinyl coating to reduce the risk of rust eating up the metal. This is an area where water is frequent so make sure what you put in it will not succumb to corrosion. This rack can be used to store your shampoos, loofah, body wash and scrubs.

These tiny bathroom storage ideas are just a fraction of so many DIY things you can think of. If you are creative enough, you can use these ideas to make your bathroom even better. You can also do some personal touches like adding your favorite colors by painting the shelves and racks. Having a small loo doesn’t mean you have to compromise comfort and style, it is how you are going to deal with the space around you. The key here is being creative and appreciating the space that you have no matter how tiny it is.


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