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For most of us, fitness can be difficult to maintain. From manual laborers to even those who spend their days in front of a computer screen, back pain and similar chronic injuries seem to be almost inevitable. With more people spending time at work and then wasting their free time either watching TV or playing games online, most find it taxing to find time to fit in a workout. Follow these steps to improve your overall health and athleticism.


One of the most vital steps in maintaining and increasing athleticism is, by far, providing the body with essential vitamins and nutrients. Many individuals fall into the trap of thinking athleticism merely comes from a grueling training regimen inside of the gym. Although this approach can help with your athletic endeavors, it’s not the only tactic that can be employed by the individual.

Contrary to popular belief, the organ responsible for most of your physical movement is the brain. By increasing the ability to think critically, quickly and improving our hand-eye coordination, we can start to see benefits in our movements. One area of supplementation that facilitates this cognitive improvement is the stimulant family. Certain stimulants, like caffeine and Green Tea, can help improve our reaction time and ability to think on our feet. Many athletes incorporate drinks and powders that use these ingredients in order to enhance their competitive edge.

Similarly, users can consume over-the-counter products such as Creatine in order to improve the way their brain functions during athletic movements. In fact, new studies are showing that consuming creatine on a regular basis has numerous health benefits as well as improvements to cognitive function. Not only will the user experience a mental boost, but creatine has also been shown to greatly improve muscular repair and strength output in the gym.

Chiropractic Treatments

Visits to the chiropractor are one of the most potent and effective means of increasing your athleticism in a linear fashion. Imagine trying to compete in an automobile race where your car had a limit of only 75% of its total potential. In the same light, when we can correct our skeletal posture and relieve tension throughout the system, we unlock hidden potential that has been dormant for months and years. Even if you don’t want to regularly go for treatment, there are plenty of simple exercises to alleviate back pain you can do at home.

Similarly, every major sports team that competes at a national and global level has incorporated the services of trained chiropractors. The treatments that these professionals offer have been used in high-level sports since 1976 when Leroy Perry, a Canadian-based sports medicine expert, used it on the Aruban Olympic team. It would then take over a decade for the interest to spread into the United States and then into the global interest.


The last approach we can take to improve how we function during moments of athletic sportsmanship is through a means of meditation. Although the practice has been misunderstood as being mystical or religious, scientists are now discovering that it improves the way our brains operate in our daily lives.

Healthcare professionals are finding that a regular meditation practice can increase the individual’s circulation by 30%. This kind of statistic is what convinced professional athletes, like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant, to incorporate it into their daily rituals. These athletes found that it cleared their mind in clutch moments and induced them into a state of flow. When they were able to calm their mind, their athletic prowess was able to takeover and provide extraordinary results.