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Electromagnetic radiation is emitted when an electric current passes through electric wire or through an electric device. As technology develops and becomes more widely available, we are increasingly exposed to electromagnetic radiation in the home and at work. Electromagnetic fields have been associated with a variety of health concerns from headaches and fatigue to cancer and heart disease. All electronic devices like cell phones and tablets emit electromagnetic radiation (EMF) – you can never entirely avoid it. But you can decrease the level of your exposure on a daily basis and thus decrease your risk of associated health conditions. How do you protect your home and business from overexposure to electromagnetic fields? Read on.

3 Strategies For Protecting Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation

1. Limit Your Time

The dangers of electromagnetic radiation increase as the amount of time you are exposed to the source of the radiation increases. The effects build up as you use electrical devices every day, all day. One strategy to minimise the effect of EMF on the body is to limit your time using things like cell phones and computers. For example, you can fully charge a laptop and then use it unplugged from the electricity supply. You can turn off a cell phone when you do not need it. In particular, do not sleep next to a cell phone which is still on – turn it off at night or put in on airplane mode. Take breaks from electrical devices when you can and try to keep certain areas of your house free from electrical appliances.

2. Keep Your Distance

The effects of EMF are less when you are farther away from the source of the radiation. Even a small increase in the distance between you and the source makes a big difference. Experts suggest you do not carry your cell phone in your pocket, and that you hold it a short distance from your ear to make a call. Wi-Fi can be a problem as it is always present in the area it covers. Limit your use of Wi-Fi as you will not be able to get away from the source of the EMF and this will cause health issues over time.

3. Shield Yourself

You can purchase special devices and shields to help protect yourself against electromagnetic radiation in the home, office, or place of work. For example, supplies a range of different protective options including wrist bands, pendants and protective clothing. Different devices work in different ways, with some diverting the radiation and others absorbing it. The amount and the type of protection you need depend on the amount of radiation you experience and where it is coming from.