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I, Emily never thought that I would to need to carry out a saliva drug testsor drug tests of any sort at any point in my life, since I believe the upbringing of children is the best way to deal with any problem, may it be to stay away from drugs. Living in the busy city, Washington of the United States, I keep on hearing people dying or getting involved into crimes because of drug addiction and I never thought I would hear something like this in my family.

Parties have drug dealers!

My eyes opened, when my nephew, a 17 year old teenage boy was found dead at one of the parties he went to with his friends. The irony of the incident is that he never knew that what he was drinking contained high amounts of ecstasy, but he just enjoyed it and thus kept drinking. Unfortunately, he along with his other group of 5 children, were found drunk and unconscious the other morning but my nephew had to taste the death ending his life along with his parents’ hopes. Later police investigations revealed that one of the drug dealers was at the party and he in a very cool way asked the kids to try something which will take them to another world. All he wanted was a bunch of addicts, to keep running his business of drug dealing. My poor nephew could not control himself in the aura of that drink and thus lost his life.

Act before it is too late:

It was then I realized that the education about the drug related crimes and its usage to young kids is highly important. People often do not speak about any drug related thing in front of young kids since they think that it will encourage them to use drugs. They are wrong, as the drug addiction can come in haunted steps towards everybody and if the children know what they are up against, they can defend the lust.


Thus now for my kids, I not only keep an oral drug test kit, because of simplicity in collection of sample, but also make sure to investigate my children about the functions they go in and activities they are involved in. Being best friends to your kids is definitely better than repenting, so that they keep you in confidence and share small details of their lives with you without fear.



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