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Put simply, online marketing is the use of the might of internet advertising in order to create a response from the public. It is also called web marketing or internet marketing, and is used by businesses selling products and services directly to customers and those that operate on a b2b model.

As the internet is now the main tool of delivering information, many businesses, big and small, are using internet marketing to promote awareness in their company’s products and services.

There are several areas of interest in the online marketing field, such as affiliate marketing, email marketing, display advertising, interactive advertising, search engine marketing, and viral marketing. Some of these services are offered by online marketing agency

In affiliate marketing, businesses recruit associates who promote their products and services. These associates earn a commission or similar rewards for each visitor, sale, customer or subscriber they recruit to the company.

Companies that employ email marketing directly send promotional emails to customers. However, sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between legitimate and spam email marketing messages.

Display advertising is the use of banner ads or web banners placed on a third party site to drive web traffic to company’s site and enhance product awareness.

In interactive advertising, animations or other graphic techniques are used to make ads that capture the viewer’s attention and invite participation.

Search engine marketing involves the use of techniques such as search engine optimisation, paid inclusion and paid placement. These are used by companies to boost their visibility in search engine results from Google as well as its competitors.

In viral marketing, companies encourage consumers to pass information about their goods or services to others. Examples of viral marketing efforts include company websites that allow visitors to email funny video clips or interactive games to their friends.

Regardless of the different methods used by companies, online marketing offers a number of benefits. It is affordable, convenient, and allows companies to track results during a campaign. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to even the smallest companies to compete on a global market.

Online marketing is usually related to customer service, sales, information management, and public relations. However, it is worth noting that these fields can also be considered separate specialties.