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Today, it is already well-known that marriage is not a simple task and requires many changes, toronto marriage counselling adjustments to new roles, and the setting of boundaries towards families of origin. In contemporary society, it seems that this task is even more difficult, since we do not have a predetermined, socially and culturally imposed, in order for a marriage to look, as was the case in the earlier years when the young married with a clear idea of what they are waiting for them in such a community. All this leads to a lot of confusion among those who decide to marry, but also in the case of married couples, who in time encounter difficulties in solving these and many other tasks, since they are not resolved “once for all” they need to be resolved continuously.


Marital therapy is psychotherapy for couples with difficulties in communicating with each other, frequent disagreements, conflicts and tensions, which then lead to dissatisfaction with partnership relations becoming the dominant feeling in a partnership relationship. In addition, steam therapy is also intended for those who feel that they are moving away, that their relationship becomes different, and that which they never wanted to be, as well as all couples who need to change something in their relationship. The therapy of couples is, finally, the choice for all those who have experienced serious experiences such as chronic jealousy or adultery, frequent / chronic or intense conflicts, difficulties in the field of sexual functioning, physical, sexual or verbal violence, or the dependence of one of the partners .


In accordance with the above, the process of marital psychotherapy provides the spouses with the opportunity to differentiate their relationship and the difficulties they encounter and the possible symptoms that trigger the therapy. It happens that partners are listening, but they are not heard. The basic goal of psychotherapy is precisely that – partners learn to hear each other, but also themselves, and to gain insight into how their partner sees a particular situation. After gaining insight into the spouse’s reference frame, it becomes easier for partners to understand each other. Thus, each of the partners becomes more sensitive to the needs of the other and more willing to respond to them in an adequate way. Through the process of treatment, their relationship becomes more readily available to deal with the difficulties they are facing, as well as the future difficulties. The task of the therapist is to assist the couple in this, to look at them with a perspective from multiple perspectives and to allow them to find alternative behaviors that would be useful to overcome the difficulties, disagreements or symptoms they encounter.


Marital therapy takes place in the form of a confidential talk of a psychotherapist or a co-operative couple with partners, mainly through a series of joined sessions (exceptionally with each partner separately). The process involves a meeting cycle in an interval of one time per week or twice a month with the aim of re-establishing better relationships, resolving current partnership issues and improving the quality of the marital relationship.

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