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Create a new business is a challenge even for experienced entrepreneurs. Calculate the cost involved is difficult and too often is an attempt to determine the factors that cannot be predicted accurately. With proper planning, most of the uncertainty can be mitigated and you can create a reliable budget to present to funders and lenders.


Overheads include two different types of costs are taken into account when considering the cost of doing business, but that cannot be billed directly to the customer. Fixed expenses include monthly expenses such as rent, utilities, phone and Internet. On the other hand, variable costs are a challenge to make a budget, as these fluctuate weekly and monthly. Expenses such as shipping and postage fees and inventory variables are considered overhead. When calculating the overhead of starting a business, remember to take into account at least six months of the planned expenditure.

What Are The Initial Costs Of A New Business?

Legal and Accounting Costs

Entrepreneurs who start a new business with few resources often try to ignore the legal and accounting costs, but these costs incorporated in the initial calculations will increase the likelihood of long term success greatly. The costs to start are a good legal and accounting team that allows an entrepreneur to concentrate on the daily operations instead of focusing on tasks that are usually out of range of the experience of most business owners. Moreover, these professionals must keep abreast of changing regulations and can often recommend activities to save money they will pay dearly for the services they provide.


No matter how good the product or service, without a campaign and marketing strategy, customers will not knock on your door. Advertising is only a small portion of the marketing budget. Other expenses include the creation of a logo, the cost of registering a trademark, promotional gifts, web design, development of brochures and printing costs. One of the most important factors to remember when creating an effective marketing campaign is the overall strategic goal to be fulfilled. For a new product, create brand recognition provides the most immediate requirements for success, while a new utility company may require to participate in the market. Both goals are equally important and feed each other, but require different approaches.


Most new business owners forget to include the costs of their own salaries and payroll responsibilities that go along with these wages. Taxes at the state and federal level should be retained and calculated. In addition, employers should include unemployment, social security and health insurance. These expenses must be given to the respective agencies weekly or monthly depending on the requirements of the government agency.


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