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Selecting an interior for your home or office redesign or decoration is understanding art and cultural exploration. Though it could be a very tough project to find an passionate artist who understands what designs and decor is and is ready to incorporate his and your design ideas into your home remodeling.

Who is a Luxury Interior Designer?

Let’s take a brief look at who and what a luxury designer is in the real sense. A luxury designer is an expert who has passion for interior decoration and remodelling. He is someone who understands the meaning of designs, who dream’s designs, thinks designs and has it as part of his/her daily living. To get the fact right! A professional designer is not just a person who took up a design career two years back before meeting your project. It is someone who has fully or partially been engaged in designing, decoration, restructuring and artistic articulation or materials from his or her childhood. Thus have gathered more experience over the years and is now well groomed.

How to choose or find that befitting Interior Designer

By evaluating his looks and words alone cannot guarantee his proficiency in the field of modern interior decor ideas. Qualifications is a bit of what is required; however, his portfolio and a few design works in the past and presence can help you understand his skills. More so, you’d be able to view his style of designs as to whether it falls in line with your anticipated design.

Now lets see other important points that determines who’s a professional designer;

His Educational Background

Without reference to formal or informal education; education in general is one sure factor that helps you evaluate and predict the capabilities of an interior design professional. Learning is a continual process and hence, with generalized knowledge and constant grooming; one can definitely emerge the best. But be it as it may, education and learning are key players which exposes a designer into learning the unlearned.

Past Projects

To become a skilled designer is more like becoming a musician or a writer who’s capable of producing engaging write-ups for a purposeful event. He/she should and must have a few samples of previous works, projects, doodles, artworks etc to present in order to defend himself. Web portals and apps like, canva etc are innovation tools that helps designers explore and showcase a few handiworks for referencing purposes.

Learning Ability

Art and designs are both crafts you can become chief in without ability to learn fast and clever. Understand the need to become a fast learner, you’ll have to discover a bit about your designers learning ability before beginning with the project. Perhaps start by asking if he’s capable of adapting into different  design styles and patterns.



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