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Are you in search of some fast, informative news on movies, music and television, or maybe just celebrity and pop culture gossip in general, then look no further. I’ve got the only four links that you’ll ever need (or until better ones come along).

Pop Candy

This is a USA Today blog. And I know what you’re thinking, how the hell could a USA Today blog be any good? That’s what I thought at first, but let me tell you something: Whitney Matheson’s blog might be the best out there. The great thing about Pop Candy is that it absorbs what’s popular in the mainstream as well as what’s going down on the so-called fringe. For instance, Pop Candy is a place where you can learn about musical artists that you would never otherwise have heard of, but it’s also a site where you can vent about last night’s episode of your favourite TV show. See what I mean? I check this blog every single day, and I have never been disappointed once. There is something here for everyone: the hardcore media junkie/blogger, the bored workplace inhabitant, or the random web surfer. Go there; I guarantee you’ll come back.


Best Week Ever

Yes, VH1’s hit show has a blog, and it’s a good one. First off, you kind of have to be into pop culture in an “I’m into pop culture for comedic reasons only” kind of way if you want to “get” Best Week Ever (the show or the blog). For my money, there might not be anything better than Best Week Ever on television, and that sense of humor is not lacking on their blog. Check out segments like “Best Night Ever” which goes over the best of the best (read: worst) from TV last night, and Best YouTube Video Ever ( This site is great.



This blog is completely geared toward the world of music (sort of). Although it works under that premise, Stereogum is so much more than just a music blog. It is rife with pop culture news as well, and I’m down with any blog site that consistently makes excuses to post one of my favorite, unintentionally comedic web videos of all time. Just check out the September 21st post and look for the blog on Michael Jackson’s leprechaun theme park in Ireland. Yes, you read that correctly.


E! Online

This isn’t a blog per say, but I am consistently amazed by the exclusive celebrity news content on this site. Check it out.