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Social media is one of the most important marketing tools a business can use to promote its products or services to new or existing customers.

There are a variety of platforms available, each offering different ways of engaging with consumers. However, knowing which ones to use is not easy.

Many businesses make the mistake of spreading themselves too thinly on social media and as a general rule of thumb it is certainly better to excel on a few platforms than do all of them badly.

Read on as we look at three of the best social media platforms for business.

Facebook the king for business

According to market research by Statista, Facebook is still the leading social media platform with more than two billion monthly users.

Whether used to run paid campaigns to target specific audiences or share details of ongoing activities in your business, it is a great way to engage with consumers.

Smaller businesses tend to reap the most benefits from Facebook, with the platform giving them a stage to market themselves to a huge audience.

The companies who do well on Facebook are ones who create an interesting mix of daily content about their activities and use this alongside more sale-orientated posts.

Twitter helps breed positivity

The instant nature of Twitter allows businesses to interact with their followers and the people or organisations they are following.

Gambling operators like bet365 do particularly well on Twitter by using the platform to push out offers, promotions and information their audience wants to engage with.

Make sure that your Twitter page is branded in the same way as your other online promotional tools. This consistency helps people identify with your business and builds trust.

Use Twitter to drive traffic to your website and you are on your way to generating more sales and profit!

Network via LinkedIn

If you’re looking to network with other businesses and their employees, LinkedIn is the place to be. You can also use the platform to position your company as a leader in its field, helping to present it in a favourable light to a wide audience.

LinkedIn is also a great place to find new talent, ensuring that you can easily access people who will added value to your business.

It provides you with an opportunity to collaborate with other professionals interested in sharing business and industry knowledge. LinkedIn is an efficient marketing tool for locating those who may contribute to the success of your company.