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Probably, you moisturize each day after your shower and even eat in a healthy manner. However, the skin could feel tight, dry and even itchy. Most people in realizing such things may run straight to their dermatologists. However, the issue, maybe the choices we make with our health care products, or how we use these products. Notably, some of the habits we have embraced for skin care and beauty are the causes of skin dullness or even skin infections. Before making an appointment, you need to see if you are practicing some habits that could harm your skin beauty and the health of your skin.

Taking Too Long and Hot Showers

Notably, we like going for this type of showers. This could happen, especially if it is a cold season. The habit is harmful as it robs the skin of the natural oils and lipids. These lipids are protective of the cells. It is vital to ensure you limit the time you take in the shower and also use warm or lukewarm water. Do not enjoy the fun of hot and long showers while exposing your skin to dangers. The habit can also result in skin dryness and sometimes itchiness. Moisturizing each day, may not be sufficient to treat the damage.

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Daily Coffee Habits

Alcohol and caffeine intake can cause skin aging. If you have plans to maintain skin beauty and youthfulness, avoid these two. They can dehydrate the body, causing sagging and dryness. Skin dehydration can be dangerous, and there is the essence to maintain moisture by improving water intake. If you do not shun the habits, you may suffer puffiness, wrinkling as well as fine lines.

Rigorously Towering Up after Showering

The habit of rubbing the skin rigorously after taking a shower is common. Unfortunately, it is a cause of friction. The friction can be a cause of skin irritation or itchiness. After having a shower, you need to use a moisturizer soonest and also avoid the habit of rigorously rubbing the body. Use the moisturizer on the damp body to ensure it locks in the available moisture on the skin.


While exfoliating is essential in improving the beauty and looks, it can be harmful to the skin. The habit is vital for the removal and the elimination of the dead skin cells. Besides, it aids in skin rejuvenation. However, overdoing it could harm the skin by causing skin redness and skin inflammation. It can also result to acne or even pimple breakouts. In case individuals make use of strong chemicals, allergic reactions may be experienced. All these harmful effects may cause skin dullness and thus the loss of the natural beauty. While exfoliating, ensure to be gentle as well as use the best cleansers for satisfying results. Also, select natural products to keep the skin free of allergic reactions.

Skincare Advice:  Things That Can Ruin Your SkinUsing Deodorant Soaps

These cleansers or soaps may have effects of removing the skin lipid layer if regularly used. The result is that water evaporation from the skin occurs quickly. Consequently, skin dryness, as well as flakiness, may occur. These factors contribute to skin dullness. Also, avoid those cleansers that may be water based as well as those that may be alcohol based. They may have the same skin damaging effects. You can choose or select soaps that are mid scented or even body washes to avoid suffering skin dehydration, irritation, allergic reactions or skin redness. It is important to acknowledge and adhere to the instructions of a product called Genucel. The product may help in reducing fine lines and eye puffiness.

Skincare Advice:  Things That Can Ruin Your SkinAvoiding the use of Sunscreen in Winter

During this season, most people will avoid the use of sunscreen and avoid exposing the skin. However, sunburn is skin damaging in all the seasons including winter. When selecting beauty products, you need to ensure that you choose those that contain sunscreen. Ensuring optimum skin protection in the winter season is critical to skin health and beauty. If you fail to use it, assuming that there are no risks, then you will be damaging the skin.

Other habits such as improper dieting, failure to exercise as well as too much smoking and or alcohol intake could result to skin damage as well as skin aging. It is critical to avoid them and beware of the harmful effects they could have on your skin.


Notably, we are unaware of the daily habits that may be causing skin damages. It is vital to ensure that we are aware of the routines that are potential dangers to the skin appearance as well as its health. Notably, skin dehydration, over-exfoliating and even failure to use sunscreen at all times are skin damaging. Besides, some chemicals may be skin damaging. It is vital, therefore, to adopt practices that ensure optimum skin protection.




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