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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line is one of the more successful Android tablets that rival Apple’s iPad line. The Galaxy Tab offers a variety of top-tier tablets ranging from the handy Tab 7.0s to full-sized 10.1s. This line is different from the Galaxy Note tablet, which comes with a stylus and follows the design elements of the Galaxy Note smartphone. The Galaxy Tab can be considered as Samsung’s flagship tablet, so it’s no surprise to hear rumors about its next iteration. And just like every gadget rumor that surfaces, this information should be taken with a grain of salt, as it may or may not be fully realized when the tablet is gets launched. Still, it’s fun to speculate about these devices, that’s why we’ve listed some of the most promising rumors about the next Galaxy Tab.

Codename: Roma

We don’t know where the name came from, but apparently, the next Galaxy Tab carries the codename “Roma,” according to some of the leaks available online. It’s not known if the name is somewhat related to the newly elected Pope, or if it’s an acronym of sorts, or if it’s derived from a new hardware. What we know is that the web is buzzing about all things Roma, and that it has attracted significant interest on the upcoming tablet without even an official statement from Samsung. Based on the leaks, Roma will be some sort of visual powerhouse, sporting a 2560 x 1600 screen resolution that easily tops iPad 4’s 2048 by 1536 retina display. It comes packed with the latest Android OS, Jelly Bean, and a dual core Exynos 5 processor. These are top-of-the-line specs that you won’t see on any Android tablets in the market today.

Ditching the 7-incher

The Galaxy Tab line is known from producing a full-sized 10.1-inch model and a smaller 7-inch model. But according to some of the leaks that surfaced a couple of days ago, Samsung might not release a 7-incher, but instead go with an 8-inch tablet. This move could be seen as a way to directly compete with the iPad mini, which, despite its name, is a 7.9-inch iPad tablet. The iPad mini was thought to cannibalize Apple’s share of the tablet market, as it effectively provides a cheaper, smaller tablet that still bears the Apple logo. The supposed 8-inch Galaxy Tab will directly compete with the iPad mini for consumer interest, a move to lure Android users away from the cheaper iPad experience.

A bigger device like the Tab’s move from 7 to 8 inches could also put users on the fence: at one hand, they get more screen real estate for their tablet activities; on the other, the awkwardness of using a bigger tablet for tasks seem to perfectly fit a 7-incher. Imagine using a bigger tablet as a supplement to your business phone (more info), or using it to snap pictures of food or people. If you think the extra inch on your go-to gadget is bothersome, then you might want to consider other tablets on your next purchase.

What about Galaxy Tab 3 Plus?

Aside from the Roma rumors, buzz is also building about the possible Galaxy Tab 3 Plus, the successor to the current Galaxy tablet in the market. The Tab 3 Plus is rumored to sport a speedy dual core 1.7 GHz processor, complete with 2 GB of memory and 16 GB built-in storage (with microSD support). But there is one feature that could lead you to believe the Roma and Galaxy Tab 3 Plus as the same rumored tablet: a 10.1-inch screen with 2560 x 1600 resolution. The leak about the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus contained more features and specifications that could finally give us a clear idea about what we’re dealing with. Aside from the impressive display, the rumored tablet also comes packed with a 5 MP rear and 1.9 MP front cameras, a Mali-T604 GPU, and a sizable 9000mAh battery.