Our Team

Joe Sterling

Joe Sterling writes articles on the markets and the economy, a mixture of commentary on current events as well as economic theory and history from an Austrian school of economics viewpoint. He hold a Master’s degree in economics from Northwestern University.


Sean Miller

Sean Miller is an experienced writer, editor and proofreader for both print and web. He holds a degree of MBA from the F.W. Olin School of Business at Babson College.


Bret Wilshere

Bret Wilshere provides the U.S. market commentary that covers the stock, commodity, and currency markets.


Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross holds an Honors BA from the University of Western Ontario.


Harry Walker

Harry Walker has a Master’s degree in economics from San Diego State University, eight years of publishing experience and over a decade of cumulative investment experience.


Maya Aniston

Maya Aniston received her BBA in Accounting (With Honors) – from The University of Texas – San Antonio. Her primary focus is on the effects of activity to the market.


Danny Forster

Danny Forster provides outperforming buy and sell opinions on stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities, and real estate. His in-depth research covers most of the major financial markets in America.