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When NBC got the exclusive of the then unknown mother who had given birth to octuplets the world watched. Nadya Suleman was introduced to the world, but I don’t believe she was what we all expected.

We love the multiple birth stories. The couple who cannot conceive naturally, and turn to IVF (invitro fertilization) and are then able to give birth. Some end up being multiple births, with a few being even 5, 6 or in this case 8 babies. There are a lot of multiples who all don’t survive. A mother can also have a choice of aborting one, two or more early on. But all of this is the chance one takes when having IVF.

Nadya Suleman chose to have IVF; in fact we later learned she had 6 children already, and all through Invitro Fertilization. I think that is what started all the debates; online and around the water coolers. What could a single (remember she isn’t married) be thinking when she keeps having all these children?

Could it be the fame (and sometimes fortune) she was seeking? Jon and Kate plus 8 have a reality show; the Dugan’s have 18 children and have documentaries about them. Is this what Octomom was after? I’m pretty sure it was not just for free diapers.

We learned that she was on some sort of disability, and did receive some public aid for her autistic child. But honestly, don’t most people plan out some kind of economical future when they voluntarily have 14 children? I personally know that having ‘only’ two children was not cheap!

Aside from the economics of it all, how could she care for 14 children, with 8 being newborns? Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred gathered Angels in waiting to be nannies for the newborns and the other 6 children. Ms. Suleiman accepted them, and then ‘fired’ the free help, when she protested that they were ‘spying’ on her.

I just have to believe she wanted more. I mean, really, pictures and video on TV and the internet showing Octomom getting manicures and buying Wii gaming systems, you just wonder.

Though, no doubt a mother loves her children, but is there enough of Nadya Suleman to go around for fourteen children? I think that every child needs to be with their own families, I don’t believe any state should take away innocent children from their mothers, but with that said, how will she afford all of them, and will they all get the attention they need?

And I didn’t even mention the plastic surgery that is quit obvious, that looks so suspiciously like Angelina Jolie…..