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For any email marketer email deliverability is of higher importance. There is no way in which one can comprise on this. But managing email deliverability is not a simple task. Being in this competent market one need to undergo regular updating to sustain.

ISPs have the power to make or break the sender reputation. Keeping an eye on ISPs expectations helps in improving the deliverability and increasing the response rate.

ISP focuses more on protecting their users from unwanted emails. Even if the users have opted in for your mails you can experience deliverability issue with certain ISPs.

Number of elements contribute to sending reputation with ISPs, ISPs filter only if they think your messages are good enough for the customers to reach their inbox.

Engaging the customer is the primary measure used by ISPs to determine if your mails are important for the receiver. Send emails that are useful for your customers, focus on their preferences.

Using personalization helps in improving the sender reputation, making any communication more personal, with a familiar tone, customer always find it relevant. Personalize the content, based on the name, preferences, location, time etc. Everyone wish to receive mails that are trailer made for them.

Managing Email Deliverability

Apply these practices to enhance the reach and response:-

Deliverability is a crucial factor that determines the success or failure of your email campaigns, so manage them proactively. Here are some of the practices which can help you to improve the deliverability potential.

  1. Include safe-sender links:-
    Ensure that you have a clear link in your email template asking your customers to add your brands “from” address to their safe mailing list or address book.
  1. Don’t use a “no reply” address:-
    Never use “no-reply” instead encourage the customers to reply to the email campaigns. When a customer reply to your mail, ISPs note down that and it’s a positive signal in improving your reputation. try to find out time to reply the concerns, it takes a lot of time and effort but will definitely provide an improved deliverability.
  1. Work with expert and build a solid deliverability strategy:-
    Deliverability is not just reaching the inbox, it is reaching the maximum number of customer maintaining an optimal inbox placement. An experienced deliverability consultant can often develop a strategy to increase net response twofold.
  1. Whenever possible, set clear expectations:-
    Customer or recipients respond or react to mails that they are expecting to receive from a sender they recognize. If you fail to build a strong relationship with recipient before you send the email, they won’t respond and you will end up in spam folder.
  1. Give recipients control with preference centers:-
    Allow customer subscribe for what they want and how they want it. A preference center allows subscribers to control and customize the content they receive. In this way you can find out the interest of your customer and helps you better targeting. Mails send considering the preference centre is found to have more responses.
  1. Trigger mails:-
    It is the best way to make your mails relevant as it is send in real-time. Give response to every action the customers take and make them feel they are important, and encourage conversation with them to improve customer relation.
  1. Responsive design:-
    As we know the number of people accessing desktop is decreasing and the number of people accessing mail via mobile is increasing, there is a higher demand for responsive designs. As an ever-increasing proportion of emails is opened on mobile devices, messages must be optimized for reading on a wide spectrum of mobile screens.

Managing email deliverability is a major challenge faced by email marketing companies in India. One need to put a lot of time and effort to make it happen. It requires dedicated time and energy.

Consistently work and you will build deliverability strategies geared towards optimizing performance.