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The living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is the one room where you put all your heart and soul to make it fabulous and welcoming. Call it a family room or den, it is intended for both family and guests and so has to be comfortable and well- decorated. Simple, stylish living room decor essentials for apartments create space and light and thus, make a huge difference to the overall look of the room. From traditional to stylish and classic or modern, celebrate your signature style. No matter what the size of the room is, the style and the interior decor of the living room have to be absolutely at its best.

Some of the chic ideas for your living room decor are:

The Flooring

The floor is a significant space in your living room. You should use materials like wood or soft, cosy carpets to expand the same and visually enticing. The colour of the material in symmetry with the other decor furnishings and walls creates a unique design.


A large space implies uninterrupted movement so that everyone can move easily from one place to the other. Arrange your furniture in such a manner which obstructs less. Add some accessories to your furniture like new pillows, a brand new couch or armchair.

Go Bold with Colours

A dramatic shade like yellow or a conventional one like grey can make your room feel bigger and fresh. Also, wallpapers or prints on walls can change the room’s vibe.

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Custom Shelving

Shelves make for great design statement be it custom built or readymade. A perfectly fitting piece of rack makes the room look organised and spacious. You can go for open shelves for showpieces or closed cabinet to hide items like a game system.


Unless privacy is an issue in your room, avoid heavy curtains. Choose beautiful patterns and fabrics that sync with the walls and the flooring and also filters a good amount of light. For instance, roller blinds in neutral shades and light fabric give a subtle look. Visit shabby chic curtains in any color in custom size at Linens’n’Curtains

The Idiot Box- TV

Your TV should be in a position from where it is easily accessible. The best position would be a blank wall that does not block any lighting. You can have it mounted on a wall if it is a theatre size screen or a suitable TV unit for a medium size screen.

Office Space

If you are more of a professional kind, create a small home office in your living room. A traditional desk chair and a stylish study table creates aura of style and sophistication.

If you are looking for a modern makeover, go for bohemian look. Beautiful collection of vintage pieces, white walls and natural materials gives a serene feeling about it.

You need not go over the top on your decor essentials. Your living room should be a comfortable lounge where you as a family can have a quiet moment. Mix and match various articles and patterns within your budget.


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