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Recently one conference held in Eilat in Israel regarding collaboration with china on the development of renewable energy like solar energy and methanol.

During conference there were few talks held between Israel and china. After serious conference they both were ready to step ahead in developing renewable resources in order to have good future for both countries.

Israel shakes hand with China for renewable technologyDorit Banet conference co-chair of renewable energy department said that both the countries are putting their best efforts and taking step ahead in order to invest in the field of renewable field industry. Both countries believe in common idea that this renewable energy industry is booming and it will be beneficial for both countries to invest in this area.

Uzi Landau who is minister of Israel in the area of water and energy resources also had word with Chinese newspaper in which he explained that china is doing really well in the field of renewable energy like methanol, wind and air. Israel also wanted to move in the same way of china so they wanted to shake hand with china.

Israel wanted to have full cooperation of china in order to get development in this field. Eyal Rosner who is director of alternative fuel announced that their motive is to reduce the usage of fuels in future. They are looking for alternative methods for transporting vehicles. They have fixed particular criteria that till the year 2020 they want to reduce the usage of fuels by 30 percent and till the year 2025 they wanted to reduce usage of fuel for vehicles to 60 percent. They want to use renewable energy in order to save fuels for future. Their main aim is to use natural gas, methanol etc.

According to Rosner the usage of renewable resources is less 1 percent and he wanted that it should increase in future. He wants that methanol usage should increase to 10 percent till 2020. He declared that it is not at all easy for any country to reach the target because it is not that easy to achieve this. So they are learning all this from china who is expert in this. They love to work with china on issues of renewable resources.

China is doing huge efforts for proper utilization of renewable resources. They are doing great in solar power utilization. So Israel is working with china to learn all this. So that Israel can also utilize this energy properly.

Suntech is the company in china who is doing great all over China in supplying solar panels. 100MW of solar panels are installed by this Suntech in Israel. This company is quite positive about the development. Suntech PR department is quite positive about the development of their company and development of renewable resources.

Suntech is also collaborated with Capital Nature which is Israel companies. In order to test new solar energy technology they are planning to set test center for renewable energy. This whole process is decided in last week conference.