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Just recently the Tumblr was hacked into and the GNAA ( Gay Nigger Association of America) claimed responsibility  in what they termed as their ongoing campaign against blogging. The most interesting part when reading about this story is that people were more concerned with their accounts rather than the racist posts. The end result of this therefore is a situation where the problems are left unsolved and thus the we see a repetition of this behavior again.

blogGNAA after claiming responsibility of the hack went on to heavily deny any racism intent by saying that their name is not meant to bring about any racism or homophobia. However, this is not their first time to do this and with the hackism movement increased visibility, you can be sure that people are yet to see more. The reason that the GNAA gave for the hack was that it was an anti-blogging campaign due to the negative influence that it has on journalism. When you carefully look at their argument, you will find that this has some truth in it as blogging can have both positive and negative effects.

With todays advanced technology, anyone with an internet connection can post any kind of information they want without as much as a fuss. This information can be viewed and accessed by thousands of people all over the world. This ease in access and spread of information can indeed lower the standards of journalism up to a point where “ the number of Facebook a murderer has become news” as the GNAA spokesman put it when defending their actions.

For the people who have a passion and those who follow world news, most of the the times, they find that the news today are filled with a lot of unnecessary information and images. This thus shows that indeed, blogging has some serious effects on the standards of journalism. However, the next step should be to find the solution which can only come from the problem itself.

Though blogging has negative effects, if used correctly, it can have a very positive impact on the standards of journalism. With blogging, we have the ability to be on a 24/7 basis up to date with the news all over the world. By using blogs, people who are on the grounds where the news events are occurring can also keep everyone in the world updated on the real situation. With the use of blogs, people can share information which not only acts to inform the general public but also providing extra information to journalists as a person on the ground has far more resources and the ability to access the right information than a journalist.

When it comes to the racism and racist posts on the internet, the truth is that they will always be there as a person can post anything on the web today. Even though racism is wrong, people still have the freedom of expression and very many are more than willing to execute it. The problem should thus not be about racism but  then we should all know when and where to draw the line. Looking at the First Amendment of the United States of America, a speech is said to cross the line when it starts to excuse unlawful behavior  and inflame violence. People should thus know that racism, racists and racist comments will be there and are here to stay.

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