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If you are planning an event it is always best to have a meeting with AV provider. If the equipment doesn’t perform well during the event then it will disturb the whole program. Rented instruments or temporary structure set up play a very important role for the program to be successful.

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It is advisable to ask before-hand while hiring AV (audio video) visual provider.

  • Can I get some clients references– If you are availing the services of equipment rental vendor first time, it is better to speak about your queries which will provide transparent and trust service?
  • Have you provided the equipment at this venue before –   Knowing about any place is not so important but it gives you the idea of size, amount and variety of the equipment going to be used and neutralize the problem before it takes
  • Does the equipment include operator – An operator is needed for certain type of equipment. However, be sure to ask if the vendor is arranging and what rental will be added to the pre- decided
  • Do you offer set up and tear down service? – Some instruments are difficult to set up, ask the vendor to assist in arranging them. The cost will be increased at original rate.
  • Is lift- gate required? – If you are responsible for loading or unloading the instruments then ask the service provider if lift gate is needed for heavy or big equipment.
  • Union contract labor- It is necessary to ask if the tent installation or equipment to be carried on by union contract labor. The service provider would know if he is acquainted with the venue and the regulations about tear-down and operations of the instruments.
  • Early cancellation policy- Event planner should take into account the case if event does not take place. Clear understanding of cancellation policy should be discussed for hiring expensive equipment.
  • Liability insurance needed- Some of the service providers have insurance liability with them. Better to inquire about insurance to avoid legal formalities in case of damage to the equipment.
  • Replacement cost/equipment value- For insurance purpose and possibility of damage exposure, it is necessary to get the copy of cost of equipment hired from the service provider.
  • Damage during transit- Generally rental contract clearly indicates, renter is not responsibile for damage during transit until the equipment reaches the destination. Other phase makes responsible for the renter to be responsible for damage while shipping during sending the hired goods back to the service Better to clear out before the event is organized.
  • Other products and services to be offered- Not all equipment or technical points is possessed by any AV (audio-visual) company. In addition, the company also provides technical assistance, entertainers, special designs and other types of services that value depends upon type of the event. Make sure of all facilities the AV business offers. We can be poised with the convenience and cost saving.


Transparency and clarity are necessary with AV service provider for successful programme. It is especially recommended to search for the rental vendor whom you can trust and who can keep his commitment.