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During any sports event, there should be first aid kits to anticipate possible injuries. There are some guidelines that we should consider when we want to build an ideal first aid kits. We should consider what kind of sports that we are participating in. Also, we should make sure that we are able to perform self-treatments with tools in the first aid kits. For this reason, kits for adventure bikers and soccer players are going to be quite different. We should be able to take care of minor issues that don’t require attention from doctors, such as grazes, cuts and mild sprains. First aid kits should also allow us to deal with bothersome illness, such as diarrhea and headaches. First aid kits should be placed in small container that’s packing-friendly. Common things that we could find in first aid kits are wound dressings, plasters and bandages. When dealing with injuries, these items can be more useful than others. Plasters in assorted sizes could help us deal with grazes and small cuts. Waterproof plasters should provide us with good versatility for any weather and sports condition.

Crepe bandage is another thing that should be included in any first aid kit. Crepe bandage is usually sold inside plastic wrapping and the 5cm variant should be usable for most purposes. It should be noted that crinkly crepe bandages can be somewhat too elastic to support strains and sprains. Triangular bandage is essentially a simple cotton bandage that can help is wound dressing and support a sprained shoulder. For more seriously injured parts, triangular bandage could also be used as splint. It is very useful and can be packed flat. Some sports activities expose us to repeated abrasion and when we fall and slide on a round ground, the top layer of our skin can be abraded. This should be a time to use the wound dressing. They are usually sold in plastic bags as a separate kit. They could contain paraffin waxed gauze to provide cover for the wound and a bottle of antiseptic to wash the wound. There could also be sterile cotton gauze pads and plaster to hold everything in one place.

There are also medications that we can carry inside our first aid kits and they can be purchased in any pharmacy. It means that we could restock our medication easily. However, we should be sure that we have read instruction, so we know how to use all the medications in the first aid kits. Medications should be in separate part in the kit. This should help us to deal with pain and headache. For this purpose, we could choose medication that contains mefanemic acid. When dealing with fever, we could choose medication that contains paracetamol that can be used every six hours until symptoms of fever subside. We should also be able to relieve mild pains, including headaches. Some athletes could experience gastric upset and for this purpose, some activated charcoal tablets can be useful.


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