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Oh what a time to be alive! We are blessed with a greatest global computer network which has made our lives easy. We can communicate with anyone from any part of the world. We can view the news, latest trends and make friends. This has made possible for everyone to get out of their bubble and know about the world and people living in it. So, internet has become everyone’s priority for research and also for fashion trends.

It’s not a long age when a trend was trending on the internet “no shave November” where pretty much every bearded guy flaunted his beard. This encouraged many young guys as well to grow a beard and the beard grooming like trimming became a thing too. Some guys did it to be a part of the trend and some just did not want to be called lazy to shave or trim their beard.

Finding a job in an economic crisis is nothing more than a nightmare, you apply EVERYWHERE! To get the job it is important that you present yourself in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE! And if you have a beard it is better to trim it and make your personality more dazzling. Beard do have a magic to leave a strong impression. Now how to trim your beard, that’s the real question and could be a struggle. Let me tell you the ways to keep your beard neat according to Instantgrooming.


  • Before trimming, always wash your beard and shampoo it as well.
  • You can use stubble and mustache trimmers and scissors (your preference).
  • Grab a comb, comb your beard down to get a uniform look.
  • Hold your trimmer and set the right clipper.
  • Do not get scared and start trimming your beard in the upward direction from the sides. It is always best to lock the hair in the comb till the point you want it to be trimmed.
  • You can use scissors and again, you’d need a comb.
  • Comb your beard and lock it in the hair and start cutting.
  • Trim everything that hangs on your lips for a nice moustache.
  • To get the best look it is important that you neatly trim the hair on the neck. Most people shave it all on the neck which actually gives a pretty solid look and uniform beard.
  • Clean shave the hair on the neck or trim to very minimum length so your neck don’t look hidden in the beard. It also helps creating an illusion of a sharp jawline if you do not have a strong and sharp jawline.
  • If you have a long beard make sure that you do not take off too much from the wrong sides. Especially from chin, stay very careful because you would not want to take too much hair off from the chin area.
  • Keep your sides low.
  • Comb after trimming the each area so you do not over trim your beard.
  • Don’t forget to use a nose & ear hair trimmer to moderate your look and personality. Check the best nose hair trimmer list online.

Hopefully, you will have a neatly trimmed beard after that to flaunt at the interview and do not forget to be confident because you have a magic of beard!