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Global warming is a fact and the effects of negative climate change caused by human activity due to increased greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of natural resources, whose supplies are not limitless, strongly influence the nature and people around the world. If you want to help stopping that process, you can try to be more eco-friendly by making your backyard greener.

  • Collect rainwater

Collected rainwater can be used for watering lawn, flowers, fruits and other plants in your yard. You can spread the buckets all around your yard and collect it that way, or you can collect it directly from the gutters. There are different types of reservoirs for rainwater collecting on the market today, and some of them can be even placed underground. You will find that it was smart idea to have some rainwater in reserve when those long and hot summer days come.

  • Make compost

Composting is an old method of converting organic residues into fertile humus. Composting is the most acceptable way of disposing the organic waste. You can compost in the yard, but people who don’t have backyards can even do it on the balcony, with the usage of appropriate composting containers. This treatment of organic waste generates valuable organic matter that improves soil structure, helps retain moisture, make the soil more porous, increases microbial activity in the soil, enriches it with nutrients and increases plant resistance to parasites and diseases. With composting we are closing the natural cycle of circulation of matter in nature: from biodegradable residues we generate a valuable organic matter.

  • Create your own garden furniture

If you have old tyres or pallets in the garage or basement and you do not know what to do with them, instead of throwing them away, do something creative. This way you will reduce your waste and save some money. Furniture made from pallets and old car tyres is extremely functional and easy to make, which is why it became an absolute hit worldwide. You’ll need a little time, skill and tools to create beautiful and creative outdoors.

How To Green Your Outdoor Eco-Friendly Home

  • Build a vertical garden

Vertical greening is a way to enrich the environment in order to improve the microclimate. There are many advantages of green walls. In addition to decorative and visually soothing effect, these walls improve the microclimate, enrich the space with oxygen, lower summer temperatures up to 5 degrees Celsius and provide sufficient humidity. By installing greenwall you will make your home greener, prettier and more energy efficient.

  • Use eco-friendly building materials

If you need to do some construction work on the house or in the backyard use eco-friendly building materials. Clay bricks, wood and straw bales are just some of many eco-friendly options that can be used for building. Also make sure to get eco-friendly paint and eco-friendly cleaning agents for your home.

Arranging the outdoors according to green principles will have a strong positive impact on your welfare, productivity, creativity, health (physical and mental), your budget and, also, on the planet Earth.

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