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Finding the right job can be extremely tricky. There are many factors to consider, salary, location, job role, job satisfaction etc. One of these areas and the sometimes the hardest to fulfill is job satisfaction. One way which help people find this satisfaction is pursuing a job that helps others, and the goals and mission statement of your employer is based in helping and improving lives rather than being based in profits. Of course, there are many avenues to explore when looking at something as broad as “making a difference”, but here is a scattering of them and some ideas of how to kickstart your career in these fields.

First and foremost, the most obvious approach to something like this is to find a job within social care. This is due to the size of social care, and nearly always the abundance of jobs that are available within social care. One approach to this to contact agencies such as Sanctuary, they offer a variety of social care roles across the country that are of varying length. This can be a great place to start, especially you are unsure what sort of role within social care you wish to pursue. Agencies can take the time to work out what it is precisely you have to offer, and what it is you want to do and find the job to match it. This can be useful especially if you are wanting a complete career change and perhaps are less aware how your attributes can be translated into the world of social care.

Charity sector jobs are often are a lot harder to come by, but are always worth keeping an eye out for. If you feel these sort of roles are ones suited for you, it may be worth your time volunteering within the fields that take your interest, this will help you become more employable in an extremely competitive job market.

Finally, it is important to understand what qualifications might be needed, especially if you are at the beginning of your working life. There are a variety of avenues to explore, from NVQs to university degrees. Returning to the concept of someone wanting to make a complete career change. You may feel you have insufficient qualifications to do so, or have to start again at the career ladder. If this is the case, it may be worthwhile pursuing something such as a social care masters, which are open to most people who have a bachelors in many different areas.