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It is true that there are only a few people in the world have good writing skills. Rest have to contain the things with their limited skills. Or they can try to develop this skill too. Writing is an art, and it is not different to dancing or acting which can’t learn. But according to Albert Einstein, Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work. Which means, the genius writers we know did the same 99% thing which you can also do. This is why in this article, I am going to give you a chance to start your 99% hard work by learning the basic things which can help you becoming 100% genius writer.

How To Develop Writing Skills


Before start doing something, you should have a strong commitment to yourself that no matter what happens, you will do what you have committed. Commitment is a trait that leads you towards your goal doesn’t matter if it is related to writing or any other thing. Commit and follow everything that can take you towards your goal.

Stand On Your Basic:

Before starting creative writing content, start with the basic. You are not going to be an expert writer who can provide excellent academic writing services so show some patience and brush up on the basics first. This doesn’t mean that you take admission in any writing program, but at least you should know basic grammar and spellings.

Like It Is Your Job:

Practice makes a man perfect. Writing is no exception and to achieve good writing skills, you have to practice hard. There is no short cut to achieve greatness and transform yourself into an amazing writer. There are many steps to be there, but the first one is to love what you are doing and make writing your job and try to get promotion in it every day by practicing hard.

A Writer Is A Good Reader:

Every writer is a good reader. Being a good writer, you have to know what other writers are writing. This will help you in many ways like giving you the new ideas, help you to enhance your vocabulary, and can teach you to make different sense and emotions from the same sentence. Start reading on a daily basis. Buy old and new books, read the newspapers, read blogs and everything good on which you get your hand.

Copy Others:

I am not saying that you should start plagiarism. You can imitate the sentence structure and tone of other writers so you can also experience the same feel that professional writers feel while writing. Identify what you like about their work, find out the words that your favorite writer use a lot and use them in your work also to understand what does it mean to be a good writer.

Be Realistic:

Concentrate on your words, not on the fantasies behind it. There is no need to spend time on thinking about the backend stories of your writing. Try to be as realistic as possible in your writing. You can use real life examples and some humor to make your blog or article interesting. Everyone likes realistic writing and that is how you could start making some name for you.


There is a long road to develop good writing skills. You have to train your brain to think like a writer and have to draw up a habit of writing long which is not easy to develop. However, with practice and hard work, you can achieve the rest of 99% of greatness.

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