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I actually have two college degrees, and I have found that both have served me well in my pursuit of freelance work as an online writer on Upwork, as well as other writing gigs, including newspapers and magazines. But I also utilize them for the purposes I went to school for as well. So it is a ‘win win’ for me.

My first degree, an Associate’s in Office Administration, has seen me through owning two businesses of my own, as well as working as a freelance writer. I have even taught college-level courses on this topic to adults, as well as youth, during kids camp at a local college in my area.

I worked my way up in the business world with this degree, never forgetting that receptionists and secretaries are not only the backbone of a company; they are the gatekeepers to executives too. And they are a goldmine of information for sales individuals seeking to procure new customers.

My second degree, a B.S. in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Behavioral Forensics, is my favorite degree. I’ve benefited greatly from it, since it opened the door for me to work on unsolved homicide cases. I try to parlay that degree information and case experience into my writing now on Upwork, and elsewhere.

I think that formal education should not only serve the person receiving it; it should also serve those in the community in which it is used. Therefore, I take seriously the need to educate the online public about the dangers of online–and off-line–criminal predators.

Having worked in the past at the university level myself, I’m very familiar with the motto of professors: educate the masses and you will change the world. And I believe that what I have done with my college degrees have not only honored the individuals who put their time and mentoring efforts into helping me achieve those personal goals–but it has helped my fellow man as well.

I’ve used my college degrees to increase business as a writer in my local community and across the States, provided services to customers with a ‘can do’ attitude and commitment to quality and helped my fellow man avoid dangerous predators and situations, while also advocating for victims and their families.

My college degrees, especially the latter one, have served to open law enforcement doors for me, as well as opportunities to investigate crime. But they have also added a dimension to my freelance writing efforts, too, which I would not have enjoyed without obtaining them. So I definitely recommend a formal education to anyone who asks me. In fact, I’m working on degree number three now, and I want to go on for a doctorate as well.

Knowledge is power, and power provides freedom in life to make educated choices. It’s a ‘win win’.