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Millions of people today work from their homes and home offices. One can work remotely (at least one day per week) or full-time from home. It has a lot of benefits, like skipping the boring traffic-filled commuting. On the other hand, having a home office put on additional responsibilities. One of them is the home office security. It is one of the things that is key to good productivity. Thus, you should pay attention to some of these common home office security mistakes and know how to avoid them.

Home Office Safety - Key Points To Consider

Computer and Wi-Fi Security

It is dangerous to assume that home office computer networks are not usual targets for cyber-criminals. Configuring your security properly is necessary, and it is achieved with a network firewall, and with the right anti-malware and antivirus software. Also, your Wi-Fi network should have a WPA2 encryption enabled (the newest standard of encryption). If you are using an old wireless router model, consider upgrading. Do not use the same computer for both work-related and personal use, for it can present ethical and legal issues (regarding the types of work that are subject to various regulations and laws). Using it in that way can make it more vulnerable than it needs to be. Perform frequent data backups (external hard drives, network-attached storage, and online storage services.

Home Office Safety - Key Points To Consider

Physical Security

Various things can happen and mess up with your work. People forget to physically secure their offices.What if one of your children decides to go to your home office and press a wrong button on the computer? Or if a dog decides to chew on the cables? Stash your computer in a way that no one can reach it when you are not around. Install a lock on the office door. Also, keep your documents in fireproof lock boxes. Burglars can also gain entry through the basement or the garage, so think about mechanizing access through the garage and get good garage door remotes.

Monitors and Sensors

The prevention is better that the cure. Today, technology has a major role in home security. You can have a monitoring system installed, and monitor everything 24/7. In case of an emergency, you will receive an immediate notification. Install glass break sensors on your home office windows. In case of a forced window or sliding glass door entry, these sensors can detect the sound frequency of glass breaking, and will immediately alarm you. Further, equip your cabinet drawers with sensors that will trigger and send a digital signal when a drawer is opened. The signal will be sent to a security monitoring center and police.There are great high-tech security options available for everyone.

Home Office Safety - Key Points To Consider


A good safe is always good to have. You can store valuable documents (money, passports, birth certificates and other legal documents) from potential robberies and fires. There are three types of safes: underfloor, floor/wall fixed and wall fitted. You can choose from those with key and electronic locks.

Printers and Shredders

Instead of giving important and valuable documents to others to print them for you, get a laser printer, or even better – a multi-purpose device. With a multi-purpose device you can print, scan and send faxes. All important and sensitive documents that you need to throw out should first be destroyed by a paper shredder. If documents are just lightly shredded, criminals have been known to piece the shreds together, so it is suggested to run the papers through the shredder twice.

You need to keep things running. That is why all these security measures have to be undertaken, because business does not forgive unnecessary delays. When you know that you and your home office are safe, you will not have to think about possible losses or setbacks.



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