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The Research chemicals are also popularly known as designer drugs. Firstly, let us understand what Research Chemical or designer drugs and why is it called so? The designer drugs are designed in the laboratory by changing the composition slightly. A medical definition of designer drug is that it is a synthetic version whose chemical structure is altered with a specific purpose of not being classified as illegal drug. A genetic engineer defines a Designer drug as a drug synthesized in the laboratory to treat medical condition to produce a needed effect on body’s biochemistry. It is used in scientific and medical research. Thus, it is a synthetic analogue of a restricted drug, which circumvents drug laws.

Unlike an illegal drug, these Research chemicals have altered chemical composition which makes it legal for use. Like any other designer product the designer drugs are also gaining popularity because they produce the same effect as in the parent drug while being legal under the law. There are few designer drugs whose modification in their structural analogues, derivatives, and stereoisomer may yield slightly different effects from the parent drug in terms of potency, in their side effects. The manufacturers in China can produce these drugs legally at cost effective prices, which makes it easily available to consumers.

Some examples of Designer drug are ecstasy, ketamine, LSD and methamphetamine, acetyl fentanylspice and bath salts etc. The bath salts produce cocaine like highs while they are legal and sometimes also sold as insect repellent. The spice is another example of designer drug which mimics the effects of marijuana. Some of these are also made lawful as they sold for purposes other than consumption purposes only. ‘Acetyl fentanyl’ is available in the markets as designer drug. It is prescribed as a painkiller named fentanyl which has forty times more potent than heroin as a painkiller. The designer drug is made by changing the composition by adding heroine to make it more potent product which would not be otherwise approved for medical use. Acetyl fentanyl is an analogue of fentanyl. It is 15 times less potent than fentanyl, and 80 times more potent than morphine

These chemicals are very useful for researches in the laboratories. There is a huge demand for Research Chemical substances. One kind of research included pharmacological research. Research for new medicinal composition is discreet area of importance for curing diseases. They are useful in the labs which conduct research on forensic toxicology. These chemicals are also very useful agrochemicals research.

When we are looking for sources to buy Research Chemicals, we need to identify legitimate, legal and quality products. A legitimate and clear product composition details should be available. Just like the positive benefits, the chemicals also have the risks of adverse effects. There are sources which are widely regarded for providing the best product and best customer service in the industry. Some of the shops offer a Money back guarantee policy assuring the confidence in the consumer about the quality of the products.