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The Importance of Good Health

It is important for a child to be healthy.  Age old adage of a healthy mind residing in a healthy body stands true even today. Good health is a combination of a nutrition rich diet and physical activity. A growing child requires a combination of both to have a healthy life. It is also important to be a role model for the child. Leading an active lifestyle, following a regular exercise schedule and eating a healthy diet will motivate the child to emulate the same as well.

Encouraging Fitness In Kids

Taking Care of the Nutritional Needs

It is important to ensure that your child gets the nutrition he needs and stays hydrated at all times. Sound dietary habits of the parents will have a positive impact on the child as well therefore it is important to control your own binges and food habits before teaching the kids about healthy eating habits. It is also important to teach the child to strike a balance between all that the activities that he or she wants to do. Helping your child develop time management skills will prevent anxiety and aid them in becoming more organized. It is also an established fact that a child needs 8-10 hours of undisturbed sleep every day.. A good night’s sleep ensures proper functioning of the body and promotes quick learning at school. Help your child set a routine that includes essential activities related to personal hygiene. After all, hygiene is important to ensure a healthy body.

Outdoor and Indoor Activities

There is no substitute for physical activity for kids. Children love to play outdoors, so make the experience more enjoyable by engaging them in sports and other forms of exercises. Spending time with them, accompanying them to parks, allowing them to play with friends of their own age under supervision, all help the kids get the physical exercise they need. Additionally, parents should also consider taking their kids on outdoor activities like hikes, picnics, swimming, cycling, treasure hunts, camping etc. Outdoor activities and physical exercises are great stress busters and help the child imbibe an active lifestyle. At the same time, it is important to involve the kid’s mental faculties by getting them to play with interesting games and toys. This challenges them and aids in the development of their cognitive functions. 

The Role of Preschools

Preschools play an important role in this entire process. For instance, Beehive a chain of preschools by Garodia Education, provides a host of toys and games that keep the child mentally engaged and help them develop important skills that they find useful at a later stage. In addition to this, Beehive centers also give access to outdoor space and swings that help the children indulge in physical activity as well.