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As we know nowadays dental care treatments are very costly so everyone cannot afford these treatments. Due to this reason, there are so many people who remain untreated with serious dental conditions which later on, can turn from minor gum disease to major problem of oral cancer. Because of this reason, it is very important that people should be aware of what kind of Simplepay patient financing options are available for them so that they can make sure that appropriate service and care is provided to them for their teeth and overall health.

Dental Payment Options

Simplepay Payment Options

Simplepay provides you with the unique way for collecting payments. In order to confirm active checking of your account, we also collect’s patient down payment. On the 7th date of your, every month simplepay makes a direct deposit in your account as well. Simplepay also does not limit their providers from applying additional fees in their patient treatment plans, read more useful tips in this guide to dental payment options. They encourage their providers to verify with local authorized counsel who will take a decision to allow them for adding finance charges to their patient’s account or not.

From where you can Start

First of all what you have to do is to fill out your enrollment form .you have to fill that form with all those information which is required to be filled on the form. Then your next step is to email or fax your form to us when we will receive your form through email or fax we will immediately approve your patient if the required information filled on the form is correct. To speed up the process you need to confirm that your patient should have following things available such as Id, bank account, funds, income etc for down payment. After submission of the form, simplepay will approve your patients within 15 minutes or less. You should also be aware that simplepay do not approve patients who do not have an active checking account.

Monthly Payment Options for your Customers

You and your patient have to decide the monthly payment sum. We also permit your practice to find out easy payment option and we also provide the patient with smaller payment options. Easy way also provides you with the facility of repayment option. If in case your patient will stop paying simplepay then we will contact your patient and try to collect overdue payments. Because of missed payment of your patient, it will be not going to affect your provider payment we will also not claim you for this. Instead of claiming you our patient advocates will work with your patients and try to find out the reason and solution for the missing payment. Simplepay will also reduce all those overdue fees and penalties in order to keep your patient satisfied and happy with our services. If in case if your patient wants to pay for your services directly for that facility your patient need to contact us and inform us for the payoff. Once the amount is paid off then we will forward funds to your office directly. You can also adjust your patient financing amount for this your staff will be provided with training on how to make changes and adjust the patient amount.



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