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The number of freelance content writers in India is increasing at an amazingly fast rate, as the need of content writers in India is felt by almost all types of people, whether businessmen to advertise their products or college professors to give out their research notes or in cases of press releases or brochure contents, etc. The good thing is that as the education level of general public is increasing, there is almost no dearth of finding people who are interested in research of the topics and writing it to pass it on to their clients.

Content Writers In Hyderabad

There are many freelancers, that is, people who do the work of content writers, on their own, without being attached to any company or agency. The information to be written is available on the net, freely. All that the Indian content writer has to do is to surf through the necessary websites and write the required information in their own words. When the material is submitted to the customer, and if the customer is satisfied, the writer is paid the money agreed upon, earlier, to recompense his efforts. However, there are many cases where, either the content writer feels cheated since the pay agreed upon is low, or the customer feels betrayed, as the content may not be the original work of the writer, but a copied one.

Contentmart is the company which is helping both the customer and the writer in its inimitable style. This company, established in 2015 in India is the first company in India, which deals with writers and clients in a huge manner. Thousands of writers are registered with Contentmart, the procedure of which is excruciating, with its mandatory tests in language, grammar, etc. The clientele is also vast and includes many websites dealing with vehicles, educational institutions, insurance companies, etc. The process of picking out a writer and the payment made to the writer is almost foolproof. Once the client has decided on the topic, he places a bid for it on the site. Many writers vie to be accepted, which brings out the best in them, because of the healthy competition. Once the bid is placed, the amount payable by the client is blocked by Contentmart, and once the work is submitted and if the client is satisfied, the blocked amount is transferred to the writer. In case the client is not satisfied, he gets a refund. This ensures the safety of both the writer and client.

Contentmart is working very well with both the writers and clients and there are many content writers in Hyderabad who are doing well with Contentmart. Being an Indian company, writers are also Indian and there is a pan-India reach by the company. Hyderabad definitely has caught up with the profession of content writing and Contentmart has to be given top marks for it.