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The reports of IRDA is quite frustrating that more than 60% of the two-wheelers move on Indian roads without 2 wheeler insurance or with lapsed insurance. But most of the genuine bike riders keep valuable two wheeler insurance and enjoy the benefits of the same in case of any of the accidents. But the people without insurance product should keep in mind that your bike looks fantastic in garage and not on roads.

Consequences Of Not Having Insurance For Your 2 Wheeler

Here are some of the consequences of not having insurance for your 2 wheeler.

Heavy Penalties

As per Indian traffic rules, it is illegal to drive two-wheeler without third party insurance. If you caught up without proper insurance, you will be imposed by fined up to 1000 or 3 month imprisonment or both by the enforcement agencies as per Motor Vehicle Act.

Legal Liability

Valued two-wheeler insurance protects you against all perils and unexpected events including natural and manmade calamities. If you have no valued insurance, then you have to meet the cost of repairs and damages from your pocket. The worse comes when you meet with accident resulting in the death of third party. In this case, you will be charged with two cases including criminal case for negligent driving and another to get claim. The complete amount of compensation given to the family or nominee of the diseased has to be come from your pocket. There is, no doubt, this can break your bank account and wreck your financial position.

Loss of NCB

NCB which means ‘No Claim Bonus’ is the bonus provided by the insurance company for the two-wheeler people who are free from any of the accidents. But keep in mind that lapsed policies result in the loss of NCB. Hence, renew your policy within 90 days of lapse date to enjoy the benefits of NCB. With timely renewal of policy, you can also enjoy the benefit of transferring NCB benefit to new vehicle.

Time Consuming

Reinstating a lapsed policy is really tiring and time consuming process. It demands you to get new proposal form and to make necessary paper works just like the new vehicle. It includes checking of vehicle by insurer and chances are lot to charge you with high premium by the insurance company.

So you better know why you need insurance for your two-wheeler.