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Car insurance is available in two types – third party and comprehensive. There are some very large differences between the two types of cover. You must be well aware of what each offers, to choose the plan that’s ideal for you. In this article, we speak about comprehensive insurance, what it covers and what benefits it offers. Take a look.

What is comprehensive car insurance?

Like mentioned above, there are two different types of car insurance. They are:

  • Third party: As the name suggests, such a plan only offers cover for the third party expenses. If there is a road accident involving a third-party, this plan comes to your rescue. It does so by compensating the third party on your behalf for bodily injuries or physical damages. It also helps you to paying your legal expenses if the third party drags you to court. Such a plan is compulsory. It, however, does not offer any protection for your own car.
  • Comprehensive: The other types of insurance is the comprehensive car cover. Such a plan offers all the protections that a third party plan offers. Over and above, it also brings your own car under the motor insurance umbrella.

When you buy car insurance online, do remember to choose the correct types of insurance to get the maximum coverage.

What is included in a comprehensive plan?

Now let us take a look at what a comprehensive insurance plan covers:

  • Damage due to natural calamities: If a natural disaster like an earthquake or a cyclone strikes, your car can get badly damaged. In such a case, you can turn to your insurance provider and make a claim for the damages. Your insurer will compensate you for the losses.
  • Fire damage: If your vehicle or a part of it gets damaged in a fire, you can make a claim. This is one of the most helpful covers that you get when you buy car insurance online.
  • Theft: This is one of the most important covers available in a comprehensive policy. If unfortunately your vehicle gets stolen, your insurance provider will compensate you. You can then use the claim money to buy yourself another car to replace the stolen one.
  • Vandalism and rioting: Sadly, vandalism and rioting can occur anytime. You see a lot of mob violence, etc. If your vehicle gets caught in any such incident and gets damaged, you can make a comprehensive car insurance claim.
  • Damages stemming out of accidents: Last but not least, your comprehensive cover offers protection for all the bumps, scratches, hits, etc that your car may suffer in a road accident.


What are the benefits of a comprehensive plan?

As we already saw from the points mentioned above, a comprehensive plan proves to be immensely helpful. You can choose a plan and stay covered from a variety of issues. If there is an emergency, your car cover will assist you. This will help you to save money, as car repairs can be quite expensive. You also get various other benefits like cashless garages, roadside assistance, etc.

What is the exclusion of comprehensive insurance?

There are some important exclusions in comprehensive car insurance. They are:

  • Depreciation
  • Electrical fault
  • An accident caused due to drunk driving
  • An accident caused by driving without a valid license
  • Damage due to war or nuclear strikes

The final word

Assess your car insurance needs very carefully and then select an appropriate cover for yourself. If you think you need a comprehensive plan, do your research and buy car insurance online. You will surely find an apt plan for yourself. Go over the features and the exclusions to be fully aware of what your policy covers and what it doesn’t. Only when you are well aware, you can make a proper claim.


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