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Chandigarh is one of the major cities of India as it also happens to be the state capitals of Punjab and Haryana.

What’s more, Chandigarh has also earned the distinction of one of the best-planned cities in India with better infrastructure and lifestyle and one of the cleanest.

Thus, when it comes to real estate value in the city, it has skyrocketed because there is a higher demand. As a result, most of the people want to take a pie in the city by purchasing a home there.

If you love to invest in real estate or mulling buying a property in Chandigarh, it must be regarded as a smart move.

Even if you don’t have the required funds and if you are unable to fund your favorite real estate property, you can still do it. Yes, an online Home Loan in Chandigarh is a unique financial product to help you do that as you can borrow between Rs.20 lakh an Rs.10 crore.

Home Loan in Chandigarh Features at a Glance!

Let’s provide some of the key details about a Home Loan in Chandigarh such as:

  • You can Borrow a Higher Loan Amount

Leading online non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) can provide you a higher housing loan amount to the tune of Rs.10 crore with Rs.20 lakh being the lowest. As a result, with such a higher loan amount; you can fulfill your wish of buying a bigger home.

  • Flexi Home Loan Facility

You can also pay only the interest as the EMI when you borrow an amount as many times as per your wish out of your total loan limit. Rest of the amount is adjusted once the loan tenor ends.

  • Home Loan Balance Transfer Facility

Not happy with your current lender’s services and interest rates? No need to keep paying higher rates and suffer! You can switch your Housing Loan account from one lender to another by paying a conversion fee to your old lender. Like this, you can easily enjoy better and lower Home Loan interest rates.

  • Top-up Loan

Borrowers opting for the Home Loan transfer facility can also avail a top-up loan facility which can offer them an amount to the tune of up to Rs.50 lakh. The rate of interest charges for a top-up loan is just 1-2% more than a Home Loan rate along with a longer tenor.  It means that you can easily fulfil your other financial goals.

  • Property Dossier

When you apply for a Home Loan in Chandigarh, reputed lenders also offers you a customized guide called the property dossier.  It to help you through the financial and legal aspects of becoming a property owner.

  • Flexible and Wider Tenor

A real estate purchase from a lender can also help you make the most of the wider tenor so that you can spread the repayment into smaller EMIs and save. As a result, you can get up to 240 months for repaying the loan. Nonetheless, paying for a housing loan over a longer tenor may lead to paying more compounding interest.

  • Online Account Management

You can track the details of your Home Loan account via the digital customer platforms of the lenders from anywhere and 24/7.

Home Loan Eligibility Conditions

By fulfilling the below eligibility conditions, you can qualify for a Home Loan in Chandigarh such as:

  • You should be a citizen of India
  • Your age should be between 23-58 years
  • You should be salaried with at least three years of work expertise

You can also use a free to use Home Loan eligibility calculator available at a lender’s website to determine your housing loan eligibility in a flash!

The Bottom Line

Why wait when you have a Home Loan in Chandigarh to help you buy your real estate properties there? Yes, assess your needs, check your eligibility and apply for an online Home Loan to enjoy the discussed benefits. All the best!


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