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If you are a fun of the Samsung Galaxy S4 then you must be very happy as another colour of the variant flagship is spotted from a Japanese Carrier. The blue colour option is spotted and it is called the ‘Blue Arctic’.

This Samsung’s fourth generation Blue Arctic of the Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked from some promotional images from the Japanese carrier and it is rumoured to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor.

When to expect the new Blue Arctic Samsung Galaxy S4

This new variant will actually get announced officially on the 15th of May this year and it seems that the NTT DoCoMo might be the very first carrier to stock this new colour of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the markets although it has not been verified when this Blue Arctic will be available in the other markets.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was actually launched with only two colour options of white frost and black mist but now it seems that this flagship is getting another colour and may be it will even get more colours for several variants in the future.

The features of the Blue Arctic Samsung Galaxy S4

• Blue Arctic Samsung Galaxy S4 just like other variants is equipped with qHD 540 x 960 pixels resolution of the screen. The screen will actually be 4.3 inches diagonally and it work out to 256ppi.
• The screen for this Samsung Galaxy S4 like the mini have supper AMOLED screen and actually with the similar Pen Tile unit kind of the ones used in HTC One S or the Motorola RAZR i.
• It is also clear that the camera for this Samsung Galaxy S4 is an 8 MP camera that is just perfect for the wonderful pictures and videos.
• This Samsung Galaxy S4 is also having a 1.6GHz dual-core processor that is just like the one of the Galaxy Mega like the cortex –A15 that packs Exynos 5250. This is a good kind of the processor to have for such a current generational device.
• The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also well equipped with a perfect and latest operating system of the Android 4.1.2 as well as the latest Touch Wiz versions.
• This Samsung Galaxy S4 is also well equipped with the LTE and availability of use of the dual-SIM for the perfect communication of the users who love to use more than one SIM for their communication and other use.

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